ETL Testing Interview Questions

Generally, basic testing concepts remains same across all domains. So, the basic testing questions will also remain same. The only addition would be some questions on domain. e.g. in case of ETL testing interview questions, it would be some concepts of ETL, how to’s on some specific type of checks / tests in SQL and some set of best practices. Here is the list of some ETL testing interview questions:

Performance Testing vs Load Testing vs Stress Testing - Examples

Performance testing - It is performed to evaluate the performance of components of a particular system in a specific situation. It very wide term. It includes: Load Testing, Stress Testing, capacity testing, volume testing, endurance testing, spike testing, scalability testing and reliability testing etc. This type of testing generally does not give pass or fail. It is basically done to set the benchmark & standard of the application against Concurrency / Throughput, Server response time, Latency, Render response time etc. In other words, you can say it is technical & formal evaluation for responsiveness, speed, scalability and stability characteristics.

SDLC vs STLC–Differences & Similarities Revisited

Few days back, I was taking some interviews. I surprised to see some candidates were not able to explain simple concepts like SDLC & STLC. Everybody, was giving me very standards answers. SDLC - a systematic approach to develop a software and STLC - process of testing a software in a systematic and planned way. No one explains me logical Differences & Similarities between these two.

How to prioritize bugs numerically - An effective way of prioritization of bugs

You must have seen developers & testers fighting with each others on priority of bugs. Testers log the bug as high priority or critical and sometimes, developers surprised to see the priority. Most of the times, both developer & tester will not agree on the priority set by each other. I've seen sometimes, even product manager / project manager / business analyst are not able to prioritize the defects or bugs EFFECTIVELY. Even in many process oriented organizations, it becomes a challenge.

Types of ETL testing–What is covered in ETL testing

Each organization categorize testing types by their own way based on the testing practice or testing strategy build @ organization level. It holds true for ETL testing also. Sometimes, for larger projects / programs, it vary from client to client. Generally, below are the main types of testing that are covered under ETL testing:

Points to take care while doing testing estimation

Important points to take care while doing test effort estimation – These general tips will help us to estimate more accurately:
Points to take care while doing testing estimation

Model Based Testing – MBT

Model-based testing or MBT is a general term that signifies an approach that bases common testing tasks such as test case generation and test result evaluation on a model of the application under test.

Objectives of Software Testing

Below are not the only objectives of Software Testing:
- Software Testing is designed to establish that the software is working satisfactorily as per the requirements.
- Software Testing is a process designed to prove that the program is error free.
- Software The job of testing is to certify that the software does its job correctly and can be used in production.