Model Based Testing – MBT

Model-based testing or MBT is a general term that signifies an approach that bases common testing tasks such as test case generation and test result evaluation on a model of the application under test.

Objectives of Software Testing

Below are not the only objectives of Software Testing:
- Software Testing is designed to establish that the software is working satisfactorily as per the requirements.
- Software Testing is a process designed to prove that the program is error free.
- Software The job of testing is to certify that the software does its job correctly and can be used in production.

Configuring LoadRunner Monitors on the Controller

To use the following monitors, you must first install or configure monitoring components on the server machine:
COM+, Citrix, DB2, IBM WebSphere MQ, iPlanet (NAS), J2EE & .NET Diagnostics, Network Delay, Oracle, PeopleSoft (Tuxedo), SAPGUI, SAP Portal, SAP CCMS, Siebel Server Manager, Siebel Web Server, SiteScope, Tuxedo, UNIX, WebLogic (JMX), WebSphere Application Server.

Creating a Vuser Script with Visual C

Vuser scripts can be created using Visual C 6.0 or higher. To create a Vuser script with Visual C, please follow the below steps:

Run QTP framework in quality center

If you have made an excel driven framework in QTP which runs on the local machine and now want to run it from quality center as well without making major changes in the script, then this post is for you.

Designing Test Object Configuration XML File in QTP

In this file, you define any custom test object classes that you want QTP to use to represent your custom controls in tests and components. Define a test object class for each custom control that cannot be adequately represented by an existing Delphi test object class.

Enabling and Disabling Breakpoints in QTP

You can instruct QTP to ignore an existing breakpoint during a debug session by temporarily disabling the breakpoint. Then, when you run your component or function library, QTP runs the step containing the breakpoint, instead of stopping at it. When you enable the breakpoint again, QTP pauses there during the next run. This is particularly useful if your component or function library contains many steps, and you want to debug a specific part of it.

Why Components Fail at Run-time in QTP

Components fail when QTP encounters a step it cannot perform or the results of a step indicate failure. In many cases this is due to the application being tested not functioning properly. QTP then provides you with test results that assist you in understanding how to fix your application.