Installation Testing


Installation testing is performed to ensure that all necessary components of the application are, installed properly. Below are some tips for doing Installation testing:

1. Check if while installing application / product checks for the dependent patches / software.

2. Check whether the installer give a default installation path. Installer should allow user to install at location other then the default installation path.

3. Installation should start automatically when the CD is inserted.

4. If the product is new version of some old product, then previous version should not be over installed on the newer version.

5. Installer should give the remove / Repair options.

6. Check if the product can be installed in a network.

7. Try to install the application / software on different platform / operating system.

8. Try to install on system having less memory / RAM / HDD than the required by the system.
If you are not doing un-installation testing differently; then, check that all the registry keys, files, Dll, shortcuts, active X components are removed from the system after uninstalling the system.

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