Software Testing Process


Below is a very basic software testing process. Many companies use this process. Later on I'll post some more testing processes.
1. Understand of business logic and analysis of requirements: In this phase consider the following:
  • Are the definitions and descriptions of the required functionalities precise?
  • Is there clear delineation between the system and its environment?
  • Can the requirements be realized in practice?
  • Can the requirements be tested effectively?
2. Test Planning: During this phase Test Strategy is defined and Test Bed is created. The plan should identify:-
  • Which aspects of the system should be tested.
  • The methods, techniques and tools to be used.
  • Personnel responsible for the testing.
  • Manual and Automation Testing
  • Defect Managment and Risk Managment etc.
3. Test Environment Setup: A different testing server is prepared where the application will be tested. It is an independent testing environment.

4. Test Design: Identify the test scenarios and prepare the test cases / scripts. Selection of test data is also done in this phase. If required, test designing is done with some automated tools like QTP or LoadRunner or with some other software testing tool. Designing framework, scripting, script integration, Review and approval will be undertaken in this phase.

5. Test Execution: Testers execute the test cases and report any errors found to the development team.

6. Defect Tracking: Raised defects are tracked using some tools like Test Director or Bug Host etc.

7. Test Reports: As soon as testing is completed, Test Lead or Manager generate metrics and make final reports for the whole testing effort.

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  1. Wll, there's more to it than that, but as a overview summary, it's preaty good. Cheers.