Recording Problems & their Troubleshooting in LoadRunner


Here, I’m going to describe some common recording problems / issues of Load Runner and how to resolve them. Normally, these problems are faced by everyone. I would request you all that leave your comments for the problems you face and how you tackle them.

  1. Firefox is not supported: Only Internet Explorer is supported for Web (Click and Script). To record browser activity on Firefox, use the Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol.
  2. Application behaves differently while being recorded: If your application behaves differently during recording, than it does without recording, you should determine if the recording problem is unique to Web (Click and Script). The effect may be that a Web page will not load, part of the content is missing, a popup window does not open, and so forth. Create a new Web (HTTP/HTML) script and repeat the recording. In the event that the recording is OK in Web (HTTP/HTML), we recommend that you disable socket level recording. The problem may be the result of an event listener. Use trial and error to disable event listeners in the Web Event Configuration Recording Options, and then re-record your session as a Web (Click and Script) user. To disable an event listener:
    • Open the Recording Options. Select Tools > Recording Options and select the GUI Properties:Web Event Configuration node.
    • Click Custom Settings and expand the Web Objects node. Select an object.
    • Select Disabled from the list in the Record column for the relevant Web object. If the recording still does not work, enable the listener you previously disabled, and try disabling another one. Repeat these steps until your recording succeeds.
  3. Dynamic menu navigation was not recorded: A dynamic menu is a menu that dynamically changes depending on where you select it. If the dynamic menu navigation was not recorded, record again using "high" event configuration mode. To set the configuration level to high:
    • Open the Recording Options. Select Tools > Recording Options and select the GUI Properties:Web Event Configuration node.
    • Move the slider to High.
  4. Certain user actions were not recorded: Check if there is a Java applet running inside the browser. If not, record the script with the Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol.
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  1. I have Loadrunner on multiple systems and on some systems when recording using http/html it opens the application and loads the page but does not record anything, and on some systems it will not even open the application.

    I have recorded these same type scripts before on the systems so it seems a bit sporadic.

  2. Hi,

    I try to record the script and the events are running successfully and after recording, the script is not showing in action part. what is the problem and tell me the solution for this.