HP QTP Certification HP-M016 Practice Exam Questions – 4

Q1. QuickTest has ….. built-in toolbars.

A) 5
B) 6
C) 7
D) 8

Q2. The ……… toolbar contains buttons for recording and runningyour test.

A) Standard
B) Tools
C) Automation
D) Edit

Q3. Shortcut Key for opening a new Function Library is:

A) Shift+Alt+N
B) Ctrl+Alt+N
C) Shift+N

Q4. Shortcut Key for Closing all open Function Libraries in one go.

A) Ctrl+Alt+C
B) Shift+A+C
D) None of these

Q5. shortcut Key for Commenting out the current row, or selected rows

A) Shift+M
B) Ctrl+C
C) Ctrl+M
D) Shift+C

Q6. You can manage the test actions and the test or function librarysteps using the … menu commands

A) File
B) Edit
C) Automation
D) Tools

Q7. To expand all the steps in the keyword view which option you woulduse from the View menu.

A) Expand
B) Expand All
C) Expand Items
D) Expand Rows

Q8. What is the shortcut key to open a Step Generator.

A) F2
B) F5
C) F6
D) F7

Q9. Function Definition Generator in found in which menu option.

A) File
B) Tools
C) Insert
D) View

Q10. The shortcut keys for Record, Stop and Run respectively are

A) F3, F4, F5
B) F4, F3, F5
C) F4, F5, F3
D) F3, F5, F4

Q11. What is the shortcut key for opening an Object Repository.

A) Alt+R
B) Shift+R
C) Ctrl+R
D) Shift+O+R

Q12. Shortcut key to Insert/Remove a breakpoint is

A) F9
B) F8
C) Ctrl+b
D) Shift+b

Q13. ………runs only the current line of the script. If the currentline calls a method, the method is displayed in the view but is notperformed.

A) Step Over
B) Step Out
C) Step Into
D) Step Till

Q14. ………runs only the current line of the script. When the currentline calls a method, the method is performed in its entirety, but is notdisplayed in the view.

A) Step Over
B) Step Out
C) Step Into
D) Step Till

Q15. What is the shortcut key to Clear all Breakpoints

A) Ctrl+Shift+F9
B) Shift+Ctrl+F9
C) Alt+Shift+F9
D) Alt+Ctrl+F9

Q16. Object Spy can be found in ……..menu.

A) Tool
B) Tools
C) Task
D) Tasks

Q17. ………… displays the open documents side-by-side.

A) Tile Vertically
B) Tile Horizontally
C) Cascade
D) Tile Cascade

Q18. For opening the QuickTest Professional Help we can use…….

A) F3
B) F5
C) F1
D) F2

Q19. If QTP cannot find any object that matches the description, or if itfinds more than one object that matches, QuickTest may usethe…………mechanism to identify the object.

A) Ordinal Identifier
B) Index Identifier
C) Smart Identification
D) Assistive Identification

Q20. You can configure the …….., ………… and …………properties that QuickTest uses to record descriptions of the objects inyour application

A) mandatory, assistive, and ordinal identifier
B) mandatory, required, and ordinal identifier
C) smart, assistive, and ordinal identifier
D) Index, assistive, and ordinal identifier

Q21. The ………. property set for each test object is created andmaintained by QuickTest.

A) Run-Time Object
B) Test Object
C) Smart Identification Object
D) Assistive Object

Q22. You can access and perform ……… methods using the Object property.

A) Run-Time Object
B) Test Object
C) Smart Identification Object
D) Assistive Object

Q23. You can view or modify the test object property values that arestored with your test in the ………

A) Information Pane
B) Data Table
C) Information Pane & Data Table Both
D) Object Properties & Object Repository dialog box.

Q24. You can retrieve or modify property values of the test object duringthe run session by adding ……….statements in the Keyword View orExpert View.

A) GetROProperty & SetROProperty
B) GetTOProperty & SetTOProperty
C) GetTOProperty & SetROProperty
D) GetROProperty & SetTOProperty

Q25. If the available test object methods or properties for an object donot provide the functionality you need, you can access …………..ofany run-time object using the Object property.

A) The internal methods and properties
B) The mandatory methods and properties
C) The selective methods and properties
D) The assistive methods and properties


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