Software Test Planning

The purpose of test planning is to provide the basis for accomplishing testing in an organized manner. From a managerial point of view it is the most important document, because it helps manage the test project. If a test plan is comprehensive and carefully thought out, test execution and analysis should proceed smoothly.

The test plan is an ongoing document, particularly in the spiral environment since the system is constantly changing. As the system changes, so does it. A good test plan is one which:

• Has a good chance of detecting a majority of the defects
• Provides test coverage for most of the code
• Is flexible
• Is executed easily, repeatably, and automatically
• Defines the types of tests to be performed
• Clearly documents the expected results
• Provides for defect reconciliation when a defect is discovered
• Clearly defines the test objectives
• Clarifies the test strategy
• Clearly defines the test exit criteria
• Is not redundant
• Identifies the risks
• Documents the test requirements
• Defines the test deliverables

The planning test methodology includes three steps:

1. Building the test plan
2. defining the metrics
3. reviewing/approving the test plan.

Step 1: Build a Test Plan

– Prepare an Introduction
– Define the High-Level Functional Requirements (In Scope)
– Identify Manual / Automated Test Types
– Identify the Test Exit Criteria
– Establish Regression Test Strategy
– Define the Test Deliverables
– Organize the Test Team
– Establish a Test Environment
– Define the Dependencies
– Create a Test Schedule
– Select the Test Tools
– Establish Defect Recording / Tracking Procedures
– Establish Change Request Procedures
– Establish Version Control Procedures
– Define Configuration Build Procedures
– Define Project Issue Resolution Procedures
– Establish Reporting Procedures
– Define Approval Procedures

Step 2: Define the Metric Objectives

– Define the Metrics
– Define the Metric Points

Step 3: Review/Approve the Plan

– Schedule / Conduct the Review
– Obtain Approvals

Rahnuma Tasnim

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