Asset Comparison Tool and Asset Viewer

In QTP 10.00, you can view comparison of two versions of an asset either side-by-side, or one above the other.

Compare versions of an integral element

You can view a drilldown comparison of a specific element in the currently open version comparison. Elements include any resource that is an integral part of the test (not saved as an external resource), such as the Data Table or local object repository. When you check in a test, these elements are checked in, too. This enables you to view a version comparison of these elements directly from the test.

View the latest content of an associated resource file

An associated resource file is any resource file used by an asset. For example, a function library and a shared object repository are examples of resource files that can be used by a test. When you drill down in a test, you can view the last saved version of a resource file. This enables you to view the latest content. (If you want to compare different versions of the drilled-down resource, you can open the resource and perform a new comparison.)

To drill down:

1. Click the blue drilldown arrow adjacent to any asset that can be compared.
2. Double-click the element.
3. Right-click the element and select View Drilldown of Selected Asset.

View the QuickTest location of an element

You can view a screen capture depicting the QuickTest location of an element by right-clicking the relevant node and selecting View Sample Snapshot. The screen capture displays an example of the relevant dialog box. The option (or area) for the node you right-clicked is highlighted in the screen capture.

For example, suppose you are viewing a comparison of a test, and you notice that the Disable Smart Identification during the run session node is highlighted, indicating that it was changed. If you are not sure where this option is located in QuickTest, you can right-click the node in the comparison tree and select View Sample Snapshot. QuickTest then opens a dialog box showing you that this area is located in the Run pane of the Test Settings dialog box. The title bar of the dialog box lists the selected element, and a purple rectangle outlines the option.

You can modify the text and background colors for the filter types (changed, added, removed, and so on) in the Asset Comparison Tool window using the Color Settings dialog box.

When you modify the background color of a filter type, the color of the filter type in the legend at the top of the window changes accordingly. These changes remain in effect unless you change them again or restore the default settings

If the sub-elements of an element are different between versions, and you collapse the node representing that element, a legend is displayed adjacent to the node. This legend indicates the number of differences that exist under the collapsed element.

Rahnuma Tasnim

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