Delphi Add-in in QTP 10

Below is the basic information about the Delphi Add-in and how it relates to some commonly-used aspects of QTP.

General Information:

Add-in Type: This is a Windows-based add-in. Much of its functionality is the same as other Windows-based add-ins.

Checkpoints and Output Values: Bitmap, Standard, Table, Text, Text Area, XML.


Opening Your Application: You can open your Delphi application before or after opening QTP.
Add-in Dependencies: None
Other: Before running a test on a Delphi application, the application being tested must be compiled with the QTP Professional agent MicDelphiAgent.

Setting Preferences:

Options Dialog Box : Use the Windows Applications pane. (Tools > Options > Windows Applications node)

Record and Run Settings Dialog Box (tests only):

Use the Windows Applications tab.
(Automation > Record and Run Settings)
QTP recognizes only Delphi applications that have been precompiled with the MicDelphiAgent.pas module.
Custom Active Screen Capture Settings Dialog Box (tests only): Use the Windows section. (Tools > Options > Active Screen pane > Custom Level button)
Application Area Settings Dialog Box: Use the Applications pane. (File > Settings > Applications node).

Rahnuma Tasnim

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