Handling Run Errors in QTP

There are two types of Run Error message boxes that can be displayed during a run session in QTP. One is displayed if the problem is a pure VBScript syntax error. When a syntax run error message box is displayed, click OK in the message box and address the error in your step.

The other message box can be displayed in a number of situations. It offers information about the error and a number of buttons for dealing with errors encountered:

Stop: Stops the run session. The run results are displayed if QTP is configured to show run results after the run.

Retry: QTP attempts to perform the step again. If the step succeeds, the run continues.

Skip: QTP skips the step that caused the error, and continues the run from the next step.

Debug: QTPsuspends the run, enabling you to debug the test and any associated function library that contains a function called by the test. You can perform any of the debugging operations described in this section. After debugging, you can continue the run session from the step where the test or function library stopped, or you can use the step commands to control the remainder of the run session.

Help: Opens the QTP troubleshooting Help for the displayed error message. After you review the Help topic, you can select another button in the error message box.

The message box also recommends that you consider using Maintenance Mode if you think the error is due to intentional changes in your application and requires that you update multiple steps in your test or objects in your repository.

Rahnuma Tasnim

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