Working with the Java Add-in in QTP

When learning objects and running steps on Java applications in QTP, consider the following:

  • After installing the Java Add-in, Java applets and applications will always open with Java support active. You can confirm that your Java environment has opened properly by checking the Java console for a message similar to the following confirmation message: “Loading QTP Java Support (version x.x.x.x) (<App> version x.x.x.x).” (where <App> is IE, IBM, or SUN).
  • You can use the Object test object property to activate only public methods and to retrieve only public properties. A recommended alternative to using the Object property is to extend QTP support for the required Java object using QTP Java Add-in Extensibility.
  • You cannot add SWT-based JavaMenu objects directly to an object repository using the Add Objects to Local button in the Object Repository window or the Add Objects button in the Object Repository Manager. If you want to add an SWT-based JavaMenu object to the object repository, you can use the Add Objects or Add Objects to Local button to add its parent object and then select to add the parent object together with its descendants. Alternatively, you can add a JavaMenu object using the Navigate and Learn option in the Object Repository Manager.
  • In QTP, table data is always loaded from the application itself, even if the Active Screen contains an image of the table. For this reason, you must first open the table in the application before creating a table checkpoint in a test. In some cases you may have to scroll to the last row of the table to make sure that all the data is loaded. It is not necessary to open the table in your application to edit an existing table checkpoint.
  • If you load or unload an add-in that is displayed as a child of the Java add-in in the Add-in Manager, only applications that are opened after loading or unloading the add-in are affected.
Rahnuma Tasnim

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