Bug or Incident or Defect Communication & Triage

Test Manager/Lead has to take the responsibility of communicating the defects to the respective Dev teams and all other stake holders. The process should be defined in such a way as depending on the severity of the defect the SLA for turnaround times should exist.

The bug tracking & management tools should trigger an e-mail to the assigned team when the defect is assigned. If no tool is used Test leads will be sending e-mail communication to the Dev teams.

While communicating bugs, always remember:

  • Do not share the actual Defect sheets through emails. Create share location and share the location details. This will avoid different people working on different versions of sheets.
  • Make sure Dev team also have write access to the share point and allow them to add comments and change the status of the defect

Depending on the time lines and the number of defects raised, the schedule for Triage has to be defined. Ideal way is to have this meeting every end of the day. Discuss all the defects and decide the actions.

For an effective bug triage, always remember:

  • Set up the conference call/Meeting and invite all the intended recipients.
  • Share the list of defects and their details to the Triage participants well in advance of meeting.
  • Make sure one representation is available from all groups.
  • Prepare an MOM for the Triage and log all the actions
  • Discuss on Actions pending from previous meetings.
  • Discuss defects and create new actions and identify the responsible person for each action.
  • Share the MOM with all the stake holders.
Rahnuma Tasnim

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