Who We Are?

The idea of The ‘Software Testing Stuff’ is based on the fact that testers do not have an opportunity or platform to talk, to discuss our problems and the ideas to overcome those challenges, practical situations, misconceptions about testing and most importantly have fun. We are all just the same as you all looking forward to learning together and growing. 

We started our own platform solely with the intention of taking your voice to the world. We are bringing a series featuring a tester in an interview covering the journey and anything that he/she may want to speak about. The series will feature an interview with each one of you because we all want to know your story and learn from your journey as a tester. And there will be some surprises too. 

We have the ‘Women In Testing’ series focused on women testers showcasing experiences/thoughts/ideas on different aspects of testing. 

We will soon be launching 2 new series for increased interaction and participation. Be prepared. 

We are setting ourselves up on other social media and you’ll soon hear more details about them. 

Remember that even if you are  someone who has begun his/her career just yesterday, you have a story to tell and an experience to share so speak up and speak out.

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