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Rahnuma is a technical content writer at software testing stuff. A software engineer by degree and a dynamic content creator by passion, she brings to table over 3 years of writing experience in tech niche. Combining her enthusiasm for writing and technology, she loves to share her thoughts on the latest tech trends.

Test Effectiveness And Efficiency

What Is Test Effectiveness And Efficiency? [ In-Depth Comparision And Masure Guide ]

What Is Test Effectiveness And Efficiency? Best Way To Measure Test Efficiency? Testing is an indispensable part of SDLC as you can’t release any software without a thumbs up from the quality testing team. But how can you be confident that the tests you’re running are accomplishing their goals? That’s where the test effectiveness and …

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Black Box Testing

Black box testing is a test design method. Black box testing treats the system as a “black-box”, so it doesn’t explicitly use Knowledge of the internal structure. Or in other words the Test engineer need not know the internal working of the “Black box”. It focuses on the functionality part of the module. Some people like to call black box testing as …

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Mercury Quality Centre

Mercury Quality Centre is a web-based test management tool. It gives you a centralized control over the entire testing life cycle. It gives an easy interface to manage and organize activities like Requirements coverage, Test Case Management, Test Execution Reporting, Defect Management, and Test Automation. All these activities are provided from a single tool, which is web-based and can …

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