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Classification of Defects in Software Testing

Classification of Defects in Software Testing

In the ever-evolving world of software development life cycle, understanding the classification of defects in software testing is paramount. In the realm of software development, defects play a pivotal role. Defects, synonymous with bugs, represent imperfections within a software application.  When software behaves unpredictably, we identify it as a defect.  Such anomalies arise when the …

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Penetration Testing Software

Penetration testing – Evaluating the security of a computer system or network by hacking. Basically, it is an analysis of system for any potential vulnerabilities that may result from any of the following: In other words, we can say that it is the process of actively evaluating your information security measures.Importance of Penetration Testing: Below are …

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Software Test Planning

The purpose of test planning is to provide the basis for accomplishing testing in an organized manner. From a managerial point of view it is the most important document, because it helps manage the test project. If a test plan is comprehensive and carefully thought out, test execution and analysis should proceed smoothly. The test …

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What is Security Testing

The security testing is performed to check whether there is any information leakage in the sense by encrypting the application or using wide range of software’s and hardware’s and firewall etc.Before planning for Security Testing, you will need to think about the following parameters: Also See:

Network Protocol Testing

Protocol testing can be grouped in two categories: Stress & Reliability Tests and Functional Tests. Performance Testing process of verifying that the performance of the device under test meets an acceptable level. Performance testing is a superset of line speed testing in which performance applies to many aspects of a network device or application, and …

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LoadRunner Automation API

The LoadRunner Automation API allows execution of LoadRunner scenarios without using the LoadRunner Controller Graphic User Interface. Using the LoadRunner Automation API, you create programs that define and run scenarios. You might use the API, for example, to run tests at night or to run tests as part of another program. The central object of …

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