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Rahnuma is a technical content writer at software testing stuff. A software engineer by degree and a dynamic content creator by passion, she brings to table over 3 years of writing experience in tech niche. Combining her enthusiasm for writing and technology, she loves to share her thoughts on the latest tech trends.

Software Testing Services

For a software company, the software testing service is one of the most critical components to maintain. The effectiveness of application or system being developed is often gauged by software testing service they offered to the project team. Poor software application quality may result in increased support costs, loss of customers or legal issues, loss …

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Object Repository Types in QTP

Test objects can be stored in two types of object repositories—a shared object repository and a local object repository. A shared object repository stores test objects in a file that can be accessed by multiple components (via their application areas) in read-only mode. A local object repository stores objects in a file that is associated with one specific …

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Software Testing Dictionary

Software Testing Dictionary Acceptance criteria – Exit criteria that a component or system or application must satisfy in order to be accepted by an end user or customer or other authorized entity.Acceptance Testing: Testing conducted to enable a user/customer to determine whether to accept a software product. Normally performed to validate the software meets a set of …

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