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Rational Functional Tester Interview Questions – 1

Q. 1: What are the main features of Functional Tester? Ans. – Complete functional testing of the application– test the state of objects through verification points.– Testing any object in the application, including the object’s properties and its data.– Creating and editing simple object-oriented test scripts.– Generating code through wizards, for example automatically creating a verification …

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QTP Interview Questions – Part 2

1) What are the Features & Benefits of Quick Test Pro ? Ans. Operates stand-alone, or integrated into Mercury Business Process Testing and Mercury Quality Center. Introduces next-generation zero-configuration Keyword Driven testing technology in Quick Test Professional 8.0 allowing for fast test creation, easier maintenance, and more powerful data-driving capability. Identifies objects with Unique Smart Object Recognition, …

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Software Testing Interview Questions – 1

Q1. What is Software Testing? Ans. Operation of a system or application under controlled conditions and evaluating the results. The controlled conditions must include both normal and abnormal conditions. It is oriented to detection. Q2. What is Software Quality Assurance? Ans. Software QA involves the monitoring and improving the entire software development process, making sure …

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Q. 28: What are the environmental prerequisites prior to playback of RFT scripts? Ans. – Make sure that the application under test is in the same state that it was in when you record the script.– Ensure that applications and windows that were open or displayed or active when we started recording the script must be …

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