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CSTE JUNE 17th 2006

Objective Questions: 1. A question on fit components. Which of the following contributes to fit. a. Data b. Structure c. People d. Rule e. All of the above 2. Reliability, timeliness, consistency are included in which component of fit a. Data b. Structure c. People d. Rule 3. Who will develop the test process for …

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ISTQB Sample Question Paper – 4

Q1. ___________ Testing will be performed by the people at client own locationsA. Alpha testingB. Field testingC. Performance testingD. System testing Q2. System testing should investigateA. Non-functional requirements only not Functional requirementsB. Functional requirements only not non-functional requirementsC. Non-functional requirements and Functional requirementsD. Non-functional requirements or Functional requirements Q3. Which is the non-functional testingA. Performance …

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ISTQB Sample Question Paper – 6

Q1. An input field takes the year of birth between 1900 and 2004. The boundary values for testing this field are:a.) 0,1900,2004,2005b.) 1900, 2004c.) 1899,1900,2004,2005d.) 1899, 1900, 1901,2003,2004,2005 Q2. Which one of the following are non-functional testing methods?a. System testingb. Usability testingc. Performance testingd. Both b & c Q3. Which of the following tools would …

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