Software Testing

Pairwise Testing

Pairwise Testing

Pairwise testing is an that is based on the observation that most faults are caused by interactions of at most two factors. Pairwise-generated test suites cover all combinations of two therefore are much smaller than exhaustive ones yet still very effective in finding defects.effective test case generation technique All-pairs testing or pairwise testing is a combinatorial software testing method that, …

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spiral testing approach

Spiral Testing Approach

The purpose of software testing is to identify the differences between existing and expected conditions, i.e., to detect software defects. Testing identifies the requirements that have not been satisfied and the functions that have been impaired. The most commonly recognized test objective is to identify bugs, but this is a limited definition of the aim …

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Bug Life Cycle

The steps in defect life cycle varies from company to company. But the basic flow remains the same. However, below I’m describing a basic flow for Bug Life Cycle: The above-mentioned cycle continues until all the bugs / defects gets fixed in the application. Also see related posts:

Software Testing Bug Report

After you complete your Software Testing, it is good practice to prepare an effective bug report. Fixing a bug depends on how effectively you report it. Below are some tips to write a good software bug report: Apart from these tips, below are some good practices: Also see, related posts:

Common Problems in Bug Tracking

Working with different stake holders in a project, teams would be facing difficulty in keeping transparency on bugs because of following common problems: The below are the common blind spots identified in the poor or No process scenarios: All the above will lead to poor reporting of the Defect status and eventually Test Execution status.

Software Testing Techniques and Levels

In this post, I’m going to describe techniques and strategies for software testing. Techniques cover different ways testing can be accomplished. Testing techniques can be defined in three ways: Preparation, Execution and Approach.Preparation: From preparation point of view there are two testing techniques: Formal Testing and Informal Testing. Formal Testing: Testing performed with a plan, documented set …

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