Software Testing

User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing is a formal way to ensure that the new system or process does actually meet the user requirements. Each module to be implemented will be subject to one or more User Acceptance Tests (UAT) before being ‘signed off’ as meeting user needs. The time required will vary depending on the extent of the …

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Software Testing Metrics

1. Cost of finding a defect in testing (CFDT) = Total effort spent on testing / defects found in testing Note: Total time spent on testing including time to create, review, rework, execute the test cases and record the defects. This should not include time spent in fixing the defects. 2. Test Case Adequacy: This defines the …

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Test Director

It is a Global Test Management tool, the industry’s first global test management solution. It helps organizations deploy high-quality applications more quickly and effectively. It has four modules: – Requirements– Test Plan– Test Lab– Defects These modules are seamlessly integrated, allowing for a smooth information flow between various testing stages. The completely Web-enabled TestDirector supports high levels of communication …

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Test Effectiveness And Efficiency

What Is Test Effectiveness And Efficiency? [ In-Depth Comparision And Masure Guide ]

What Is Test Effectiveness And Efficiency? Best Way To Measure Test Efficiency? Testing is an indispensable part of SDLC as you can’t release any software without a thumbs up from the quality testing team. But how can you be confident that the tests you’re running are accomplishing their goals? That’s where the test effectiveness and …

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Black Box Testing

Black box testing is a test design method. Black box testing treats the system as a “black-box”, so it doesn’t explicitly use Knowledge of the internal structure. Or in other words the Test engineer need not know the internal working of the “Black box”. It focuses on the functionality part of the module. Some people like to call black box testing as …

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