Test Automation

Cross Browser Testing Tools–Reduce Browser Compatibility Testing Effort

Sometimes, testing on various browsers becomes a challenge for software test professionals & project teams. Running the test cases on all browsers makes the testing cost very high. Specially, it becomes a challenge when we do not have expert designers in the team or when we don’t have verification/validation phase at the time of screen …

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Keyword Driven Methodology

It is a Test Creation Methodology which involves selection of keywords. Keywords Indicate Operations to be Performed and Meant for Structured Test Creation. It creates Structured Tests – Easy to Update & Maintain. It is suitable for companies having technically expert users: For Maintaining Resource Frameworks and companies having less technically proficient users for for …

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Test Automation Framework

Approach for Test Automation is used for building a strategy for automation starting from the Requirement phase till the deployment phase. Approach for automation begins with finding out the conditions and business rules given by the client and grouping similar conditions, business rules together as Test cases or Test Scenarios. Steps involved in Approach for Test Automation are as …

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Test Automation

Often when a test automation tool is introduced to a project, the expectations for the return on investment are very high. Project members anticipate that the tool will immediately narrow down the scope for software testing effort, meaning reducing cost and schedule. However, I have seen several implementations of test automation are fail – miserably.The …

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Business Process Testing

The Business Process Testing model is role-based, allowing non-technical Subject Matter Experts (working in Quality Center) to collaborate effectively with Automation Engineers (working in QuickTest Professional). Subject Matter Experts define and document business processes, business components, and business process tests, while Automation Engineers define the required resources and settings, such as shared object repositories, function libraries, and recovery …

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Mercury Quality Centre

Mercury Quality Centre is a web-based test management tool. It gives you a centralized control over the entire testing life cycle. It gives an easy interface to manage and organize activities like Requirements coverage, Test Case Management, Test Execution Reporting, Defect Management, and Test Automation. All these activities are provided from a single tool, which is web-based and can …

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