Configuring LoadRunner Monitors on the Controller

Configuring LoadRunner Monitors on the Controller

To use the following monitors, you must first install or configure monitoring components on the server machine:COM+, Citrix, DB2, IBM WebSphere MQ, iPlanet (NAS), J2EE & .NET Diagnostics, Network Delay, Oracle, PeopleSoft (Tuxedo), SAPGUI, SAP Portal, SAP CCMS, Siebel Server Manager, Siebel Web Server, SiteScope, Tuxedo, UNIX, WebLogic (JMX), WebSphere Application Server. To obtain performance …

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Replay Tips for Citrix protocol in HP Mercury’s LoadRunner

Today, I’m going add one more tutorial in the LoadRunner section. Below are some useful tips to replay a HP Mercury’s LoadRunner script for Citrix protocol while doing performance testing: For example, if the original window’s name is “Application 1” where the name changes during application’s run to “Application 1”, you can instruct LoadRunner’s VuGen to use the …

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License Errors in HP Mercury’s LoadRunner

License – Expired: Your LoadRunner license has expired. Please contact customer support to renew it. You have a time-limited license for your LoadRunner application. Some or all of your license features have expired. Troubleshooting: License – Renewal: Your LoadRunner licenses are no longer valid. Contact customer support to renew your licenses of LoadRunner. Troubleshooting: Contact customer support to …

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Vusers in LoadRunner

Vusers emulate the actions of human users by performing typical business processes in your application. The actions that a Vuser performs during the recording session are described in a Vuser script.HP’s tool for creating Vuser scripts is the Virtual User Generator, VuGen. You use VuGen to develop a Vuser script by recording a user performing typical …

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Silent Test Runner

Silent Test Runner enables you to simulate the way a QuickTest test runs from LoadRunner and Business Availability Center. When you run a test using Silent Test Runner, it runs without opening the QuickTest user interface, and the test runs at the same speed as when it is run from LoadRunner or Business Availability Center At the end of the test run, you can …

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Measuring Transactions

You can measure how long it takes to run a section of your test by defining transactions. A transaction represents the process in your application that you are interested in measuring. Your test must include transactions to be used by LoadRunner or the Business Process Monitor. LoadRunner and the Business Process Monitor use only the data that is included within a transaction, …

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