How to correlate a Winsock script in LoadRunner

For LoadRunner 7.51 and later, users can correlate the dynamic value for a Winsock script from VuGen‘s Tree View. Below is further information on how it can be accomplished. In LoadRunner, to use the Tree View for correlation: Also See: Other LoadRunner Tutorials

Mercury Performance Testing

Mercury Performance Testing and Business Availability Center Products

After you use QuickTest to create and run a suite of tests that test the functional capabilities of your application, you may want to test how much load your application can handle or to monitor your application as it runs. Mercury LoadRunner tests the performance of applications under controlled and peak load conditions. To generate …

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LoadRunner Automation API

The LoadRunner Automation API allows execution of LoadRunner scenarios without using the LoadRunner Controller Graphic User Interface. Using the LoadRunner Automation API, you create programs that define and run scenarios. You might use the API, for example, to run tests at night or to run tests as part of another program. The central object of …

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Mercury LoadRunner and Citrix

Mercury Interactive (Mercury) is the leading provider of enterprise testing and performance management. Citrix and Mercury have teamed to jointly develop the first native performance testing and monitoring solution for Citrix-deployed applications. Mercury’s industry standard load testing product LoadRunner, and application performance management product Topaz, have both been customized to support Citrix environments. This means …

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Recording Problems & their Troubleshooting in LoadRunner

Here, I’m going to describe some common recording problems / issues of Load Runner and how to resolve them. Normally, these problems are faced by everyone. I would request you all that leave your comments for the problems you face and how you tackle them. Also See: Other LoadRunner Tutorials

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