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We Tried 5 Best Katalon Alternatives[In-Depth Comparison 2024]

Quick List of 10 Alternatives to Katalon

After intensive research, the list below shows the 10 best automation testing tools that are a perfect alternative to Katalon:

  •       Lambdatest
  •       Testsigma
  •       Sauce labs
  •       BrowserStack
  •       Smartbear
  •       Selenium
  •       Appium
  •       TestProject
  •       Robot Framework
  •       Cypress

To shine as a developer in this tech universe, one must have a vast knowledge of website testing, mobile application testing, and other types of automation testing.

While doing that, a developer must rely on an automation tool that will be user-friendly, affordable in the budget, and, most importantly, provide satisfactory testing results.

Many suggest Katalon as that specific automation testing tool. Still, some might suggest choosing an alternative due to its premium cost, types of application testing, and lack of community support.

Hence, we’ve narrowed down the 10 best alternatives to Katalon, where we’ll discuss the top 5 concerning its features, popularity among the people, and pros and cons.

Make sure to read this whole article for the generalized idea!

Reasons to Consider an Alternative to Katalon

Though Katalon is considered a reliable tool for automation testing on mobile and web applications with various supported platforms, there are certain limitations for which you must choose an alternative.

They’re as follows:

  • Cost: Katalon offers a free package of the automation testing tool, but unfortunately, that package only includes some of the features required for efficient automation testing. Therefore, one might shift to other tools for reliable performance at a low cost.
  •  Limitations to coding languages: Though Katalon supports programming languages like Python or Java, some might need help to use it.
  •  Types of automation testing: Katalon also offers a wide range of application testing, such as mobile and websites. This tool is dedicated to mobile application testing. Therefore, one must rely on a different tool for dedicated website application testing.
  •  Community backup: The community of Katalon is small, with small resources and help available. So, to get a strong community backup, some developers use other testing tools that provide instant solutions to any issues.

Brief Overview of the 5 Alternatives We Will Be Comparing

Our chosen 10 alternatives provide the most user-friendly environment for the developers. From easy access to a programming language to reliable various testing results, these tools have additional features such as integration, cost-effectiveness, and strong community background.

Apart from that, the pricing range of the tools is affordable and comes with friendly programming languages, which enables the user to control the tested application very well.

Comparison Chart of Top 5 Katalon Competitor


Types of application testing

Supported platforms

Programming languages

Cloud-based infrastructure


Website, mobile

iOS, Android, Windows

Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP



iOS, Android, Windows

Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, TypeScript


Website, mobile, desktop, laptop

iOS, Android, Windows

Java, JavaScript, Appium (third-party), Selenium (third-party)



Works on any operating system available

Java, Python, Ruby


Mobile, website

Java, Works on any operating system available

Almost compatible with every programming language 

Only Cross browser testing offers a cloud-based platform

1. Lambdatest


Lambdatest is another cloud-based platform that provides a wide range of tools for running manual and automated tests on websites or mobile applications.

Developers can maintain the entire test case infrastructure with Lambdatest and run tests on current browsers without hassle.

As Lambdatest supports a wide range of browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and many more, many developers make this tool their first option while testing different website applications.

Additionally, the tool has a feature for collaboration that enables users to share test results and come up with quick solutions to problems as a group.

About Lambdatest:

When Lambdatest was first formally introduced in 2018, it quickly gained popularity among developers who found the tool user-friendly and affordable when considering premium packages.

Asad Khan and Jay Singh first had the concept for Lambatest when they believed that creating such a tool would make running the test case quicker and presenting the results individually.

The list below will show all the necessary information regarding Lambdatest:

  • Founder and Lambdatest are Asad Khan and Jay Singh
  • Current CEO is Asad Khan
  • Head office is located in San Francisco, California, United States
  • Founded in 2018
  • Comprises of maximum 500 employees

Key Features

Can support multiple browsers: Lambdatest can test website applications on various browsers. Because of this feature, the developers can stay flexible on the browser type, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and many more.

lambda cross browser testing

Screenshot testing: Lambdatest offers screenshots of the test results with in-detailed regression analysis, which lets the user think elaborately about the application’s bugs.

lambda screenshot testing

Live testing: Live testing is also possible, thanks to Lambdatest. This feature enables the developers to compare their test results with the existing website and figure out the solutions in less time-consuming.

lambda Live testing

API testing: The API feature on Lambdatest helps programmers run their applications in continuous testing mode. This will pop up any ongoing problems the website or mobile application will face during the run period.

lambda API testing

Various integration techniques: Various third-party tools are allowed within the system of Lambdatest, which gives the user a wider option to choose the best tool for their compatibility and user-friendly access.

lambdatest visual testing

Versatile tool: Apart from supporting various browsers, Lambdatest also supports file formats such as .apk, .app, and .zip for testing applications.

Lambdatest vs. Katalon:

In the case of comparison between Lambdatest and Katalon, both of them are versatile enough when it comes to mobile application testing and website testing on various platforms.

But, when it comes to browser control, Lambdatest has the upper advantage as it can run on almost every browser available. Moreover, it offers more conclusive testing features like live testing, screenshot testing, and many more.

Therefore, if anyone wishes to have more compatibility with browsers, they can easily choose Lambdatest.


  • It provides you with the opportunity to work on multiple browsers.
  • Various integration techniques further increase testing efficiency.
  • API testing mode to continuously track the applications.
  • The subscription packages are affordable.
  • It’s a cloud-based platform.


  • It doesn’t allow customization in the testing mechanisms using a preferred programming language.


Try Lambdatest

Our review of Lambdatest:

Lambdatest has been quite famous among developers because of its compatibility with different browsers and ability to sync with different third-party tools for integrations.

Though this tool is also suitable for mobile application testing, each test case is not well-built and needs modification. The developers of Lambdatest should put extra effort into this area.

Top Alternatives Of  Lambdatest


testsigma dashboards

While ranking the best alternative to Katalon, we intend to keep the newest and most reliable tool first on the list. Testsigma is a new name for the automation testing company for mobile testing, website, or other types of application testing.

This tool is fully based on machine learning which lets developers control all the testing results efficiently. One big advantage of Testsigma is that it only depends on the programming language, which lets every non-technical developer efficiently test all their applications.

Apart from that, Testsigma also allows the writing of custom codes for any optimization in the automation system. This lets the developers work in a user-friendly environment. Additionally, all the testing results are viewed graphically, which consumes very less time while solving the issues regarding the application.

About Testsigma

Testsigma is a new automation testing company launched in 2018. The core name of the company was Testsigma Technologies (California, USA), and the newest addition to the head office of Testsigma is located in Bangalore, India.

As it’s relatively new, the founders of Testsigma recognized the system flaw while working under a different company. Together, they decided to create an automation system that would surpass every possibility of errors in the testing.

Most importantly, they tend to build a tool that benefits both technical and non-technical users. For this important parameter, Testsigma has built fame over a short period of time.

The list below will show all the necessary information regarding Testsigma:

  • Founder and current CEO of Testsigma is Rukmangada Kandyala
  • Head office is located in Karnataka, Bangalore, India
  • Founded in 2018
  • Comprises of maximum 200 employees

Key Features:

Management of each test case: Testsigma manages each test case more simply so that each user (technical or non-technical) can carry out the task smoothly. Furthermore, it also allows you to store all the test cases in a folder or module so that you can track your tested application at any time.

Testsigma test management

Smooth automation: As Testsigma doesn’t necessarily need any coding knowledge to implement, the automation process is simple and easy to carry out within the built-in libraries from Testsigma’s database.

testsigma smooth automation testing

Reliable test reports: Testsigma provides results with graphical representations such as logs, charts, and even screenshots so that the developer can figure out the bugs as fast as possible.

testsigma test reports

Integration techniques: Testsigma supports famous third-party tools such as Jenkins, JIRA, and Selenium for integration.

testsigma integration 15

A cloud-based platform: As Testsigma is a cloud-based platform, it allows the user to access their applications even from a remote location.

Testsigma vs. Katalon:

When the comparison stands between Testsigma and Katalon, both are excellent in terms of their features and offered interface. Testsigma is a cloud-based platform that greatly benefits users in terms of accessibility. Furthermore, it’s a reliable tool when it comes to both mobile and website application testing.

On the other hand, Katalon is only dedicated to mobile applications. If you wish to test web applications, you’ll face certain obstacles. Testsigma offers codeless automation techniques, which is advantageous for non-technical users.

Therefore, for all-in-one use, Testsigma will be a wise decision!


  • It’s okay to have programming knowledge while working on Testsigma.
  • It offers a graphical representation of the test results.
  • User-friendly management of each test case.
  • Reliable third-party integration techniques.


  • The paid version is expensive for some developers.


testsigma pricing

Our review of Testsigma:

Testsigma has earned a lot of attention from us because of its user-friendly environment, negligible programming knowledge, and top-notch integration techniques to improve testing efficiency.

But there have been some claims that the simulation process of the test cases sometimes requires considerable time.

3. Sauce Labs


Another cloud-platform application testing tool is Sauce Labs which provides efficient and faster test cases for websites and mobile applications.

One major advantage of using Sauce Labs is that it supports various platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS, allowing users to test their application on real-time devices such as mobile, desktop, and multiple browsers.

Moreover, it is capable of running both manual and automation tests. While carrying out automation tests, you’ll find many third-party tools such as Appium, Selenium, or Java Script for writing the codes and building customized test cases.

About Saucelabs:

The origin of Sauce Labs was started in 2008, and the founder of this company was initially the founder of the Selenium browser. Sauce Labs started with Selenium on Demand and later changed it to Saucelabs in 2009.

The initial work of Sauce Labs was to provide Selenium-based testing, and the company later expanded its growth, trying to fulfill the needs for both website and mobile application testing.

TPG and Riverwood Capital fund the company, and to this day, Sauce Labs claims to be one of the biggest cloud-based automation and manual testing companies. Recently, their most famous customers include Salesforce, Dropbox, Twitter, Paypal, Yahoo, and many more.

The list below will show all the necessary information regarding Sauce Labs:

  • Founder of Sauce Labs is Jason Huggins
  • Current CEO is Aled Miles
  • Head office is located in San Francisco, California, United States
  • Founded in 2008
  • Comprises of maximum 500 employees

Key Features

Cross-browser testing: Saucelabs also offers compatibility when it comes to browser testing. It enables developers to test their applications on various browsers for durability, even legacy browsers.

sauce labs cross browser testing 15

Automated testing: Saucelabs provides various opportunities to write the codes in different third-party platforms such as Selenium, Appium, or JavaScript for automation test cases.

sauce labs automation testing

Manual testing: Saucelabs also offers real-time device testing, such as laptops, desktops, and mobile phones, which allows the user to figure out the problems and fix the issues without any automation knowledge.

sauce labs Manual testing testing

Continuous integration: Saucelabs include top-notch integration tools such as Jenkins or Bamboo that allow you to improve testing efficiency and develop a better workflow.

Sauce Labs vs. Katalon:

Both Sauce Labs and Katalon will be excellent choices when choosing a perfect mobile or website application testing tool. If we need to compare them, Saucelabs is a cloud-based platform, while Katalon isn’t.

Additionally, Saucelabs include manual testing on real-time devices to check out the adaptability and not to mention, and top-notch integrated tools are also included.

Therefore, it’ll depend upon the requirements of your specific application testing, user-friendly interface, and the preference of the user to choose between Saucelabs and Katalon.


  • Saucelabs offer different types of testing options, such as website testing, mobile testing, API testing, automation testing, manual testing, and many more.
  • It supports multiple browsers during website testing, including legacy browsers.
  • Being a cloud-based platform, it enables the user to work in remote locations.


  • As it’s a cloud-based platform, the concern of connectivity issues will rise.
  • The subscription packages for the premium features are quite expensive.


saucelabs pricing

Our review of Saucelabs:

In conclusion, regarding the performance of Saucelabs, it’s an extremely reliable tool for mobile and website application testing. The integration techniques provide even better results (both real-time and graphical).

The customer service community is also very responsive if anyone faces any problem. So, there should be no doubt while choosing this tool for application testing purposes

Competitors Tot Saucelabs

4. BrowserStack


Do you wish to get an all-rounder testing tool for website applications? We bring you BrowserStack! It offers all facilities and compatibility while testing a website for specific platforms.

The infrastructure of this interface will give the developer a huge relief believing that anyone can access their website without any compatibility issues.

BrowserStack is compatible with nearly all other 2000 browsers and devices like smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and many more, starting with Chrome and Firefox and ending with Internet Explorer.

Overall, Browserstack can run your website on any medium without system resistance.

About BrowserStack:

There’s a total of 4 board members responsible for the progress of Browserstack. Among these 4 board members, Ritesh Arora and Nakul Aggarwal are the founding members of Browserstack.

This business aimed to offer the best web testing automation provider that anyone could ask for. According to recent statistics, there’re a total of 50000 customers, and this tool company is well-known among the Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

The list below will show all the necessary information regarding BrowserStack:

  • Founders of Browserstack are Ritesh Arora and Nakul Aggarwal
  • Current CEO is Ritesh Arora
  • Head offices are located in San Francisco, Mumbai, Dublin
  • Founded in 2011
  • Comprises of maximum 1000 employees

Key Features

browserstack Auto testing

Automated testing: Browserstack mainly includes two types of testing- performance and parallel testing, providing much more efficient results in less time.

browserstack live testing

Live testing: This feature allows you to interact with the interface by sending the data and commanding the interface to work accordingly. You can observe and locate certain changes in your application.

Browserstack vs. Katalon:

BrowserStack is dedicated to working only on website applications, and according to their performance statistics, the test cases are maintaining quality.

Additionally, the tool is compatible with any interface, browser, or real-time device to achieve the best possible environment for the application.

On the other hand, Katalon is an all-in-one tool suitable for desktop, laptop, mobile, and web applications which is beneficial for users who tend to multitask in developing.


  •  The tool is compatible with more than 2000 browsers.
  •  It’s also compatible with real-time devices and any operating system to sync with loop systems.
  •  Being a cloud-based platform, remote working is beneficial for many users.


  •  The subscription packages are expensive to afford.


BrowserStack Pricing

Our review of BrowserStack:

BrowserStack functions well to create software compatible with every browser and operating system.

But given the cloud-based infrastructure, the test results simulation might occasionally run slowly. Furthermore, there’s always a security issue to remember while working on such a platform.

5. Smartbear


A software company that offers both software development and testing services is known as Smartbear. Smartbear offers Test complete, Cross browser testing, and SoapUI pro for software testing tools so the user can complete their task very efficiently.

Test complete is a tool for testing both websites and mobile applications. Furthermore, it offers customization through various programming languages for the test cases.

Cross-browser testing is a specialized tool for website application testing that enables the maturity of the tested website on different platforms, operating systems, or browsers.

Additionally, SoapUI pro is used to test the two most common architectural styles for the website application- SOAP and RestAPIs.

About Smartbear:

As mentioned earlier, Smartbear is a software company that started its journey in 2009. Smartbear aims to provide all necessary comprehensive tools for efficient software development and application testing.

Following its expansion, Smartbear is now a leading software development company with numerous products to offer customers. Some include Test complete, ReadyAPI, Cross browser testing, Swagger Hub, Collaborator, and many more.

The following list below will show all the necessary information regarding Smartbear:

  • Founder of Smart Bear is Jason Cohen
  • Current CEO is Frank Roe
  • Head office is located in Somerville, Massachusetts, United States
  • Founded in 2009
  • Comprises of maximum 1000 employees

Key features

Test automation: The automation feature of Smartbear offers powerful tools such as Test Complete, BugSnag, and Load ninja that operate tests such as regression and load testing for different mobile and website applications.

smartbear test automation

Cross-browser testing: For compatibility with various operating systems and browsers, Smartbear offers cross-browser testing that allows developers to test their applications on different platforms.

smartbear cross browser testing

API and visual testing: The API and visual testing together is a comprehensive tool that lets you simulate accurate results for the tested applications and fit them accordingly.

smartbear cross browser testing 15

Ability to monitor the performance: The API settings also have a feature that allows the user to monitor the application’s performance to solve instant bugs (if any).

smartbear integrations

Integration techniques: To increase testing efficiency, various third-party integration tools are used, such as VisualStudio, Jenkins, and Travis CI. Overall, Smartbear supports a total of 27 integration tools.

Ratings and Reviews: G2 (4.2 / 5, 314 reviews), Capterra (4.3 / 5, 3 reviews).

Smartbear vs. Katalon:

Smartbear offers various products depending on the application testing you’ll require for your project. Users can look up all the available products and choose the preferred automation testing.

Katalon is also a durable tool for both website and mobile application testing. But, when it comes to more versatility and accurate results, Smartbear tends to outrun Katalon.


  • Smartbear offers various comprehensive tools for application testing.
  • Cross-browser testing is a cloud-based platform for remote operation.
  • The interface of Smartbear is so user-friendly.


  • As it’s also a cloud-based platform, this will raise security concerns.
  • Each product’s subscription package comes with a relatively high cost.


Smartbear pricing

Our review of Smartbear:

Smartbear is helpful in terms of automation testing. The complete test tool of this framework figures out all the bugs inside an application with no lagging during the simulation.

Though Smartbear produces accurate results, the simulation might take longer than usual, an issue that needs an immediate fix.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Which is better, Katalon vs. Selenium?

With their features and different resources available, both Katalon and Selenium will be perfect for application testing. Selenium is a free and open-source tool, whereas Katalon includes free and paid versions. Therefore, the customization level will be higher in Katalon, but you’d have to purchase a package to access that.

Is Katalon built on top of Selenium?

Yes! Katalon is built on top of Selenium with additional features to offer. It provides a comprehensive tool for testing applications with more accurate results. The interface of Katalon is much more user-friendly. Activating such customization features requires payment, but the test cases are more advanced than Selenium.

Is Katalon good for automation?

Yes! Katalon is good for testing applications for desktops, laptops, mobile, or websites. They include programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, or Groovy, which enables much customization for the test cases.

Can I use Katalon studio for free?

Yes! Katalon offers a free version of the application testing tool, but there are limitations to the access. With the free version, you’ll have 2000 monthly test results, 5 platform users, 3 active projects, and 6 months retention period.


Automated application testing is important for smoothing the performance of the website or mobile applications. If we were to compare, we’d have to say BrowserStack will be perfect for website applications.

In the case of all-in-one and more versatile and user-friendly options, Smartbeat attracts all our attention. Now, the decision depends upon you!

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