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We Tried 10 Best Lambdatest Alternatives [In-Depth Comparison 2024]

Quick List Of 10 Alternatives To Lambdatest

  1. BrowserStack
  2. Sauce Labs
  3. CrossBrowserTesting
  4. TestSigma
  5. Katalon
  6. Applitools
  7. Cypress
  8. Browserling
  9. TestProject
  10. Selenium

Since its debut in 2017, Lambdatest has quickly become the most popular cross-browser testing platform. This software testing tool enables web and mobile app testing across 2000+ browsers, OS, and devices.

Testers & developers love LambdaTest for its real-time cross-browser compatibility testing facility. Another great feature of Lambdatest is its flexibility to scale up in accordance with demand.

Not only that it also has fantastic features like HyperExecute, Selenium & Cypress grid, integrated issue trackers, and more.

Despite LamdaTest’s excellent features, many users are looking for alternatives. If you plan to switch from Lamdatest too, join us as we discover some of the best Lamdatest alternatives for cross-browser testing.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve discussed each alternative in depth along with comparing them against Lambdatest.

Reasons To Consider An Alternative To Lambdatest

Lambdatest is a great cross-browser testing tool, but it comes with some downsides too.

Since Lamdatest is not an open-source platform, it lacks an organized community of developers who would otherwise offer support & solutions when you face issues.

Although the pricing appears reasonable at first glance, it soon becomes expensive as you increase parallel testing numbers and testing suites. In addition, the cost of the automated testing plan is about three times that of the manual testing plan.

The lack of detailed test analytics and real devices for testing has also prompted users to look for alternatives to Lambdatest.

Moreover, the cloud server can get slow as your project grows.  As a result, you could experience lagging when managing various tests over multiple environments, which can soon become frustrating.

Brief Overview Of The 10 Alternatives We Will Be Comparing

We’ve picked out the top 10 alternatives to Lambdatest. Out of them, Selenium is the oldest standing automated testing framework. Selenium and TestProject are both completely free and open-source.

Selenium, Katalon, and Testsigma are easier to learn as they offer code-less maintenance. All of these tools offer a free trial for giving you an idea about their platform.

BrowserStack, Sauce Labs, CrossBrowserTesting, Testsigma, Katalon, Applitools, Browserling, TestProject all support multiple programming languages for better flexibility. However, Cypress will only work for you if JavaScript is your primary language.

Comparison Chart Of Top 5 Lambdatest Competitor


Application Under Test

Supported platforms

Supported Language

Open Source


Web/ Mobile/ API/ Desktop

Linux/ Windows/mac/Android/ iOS

Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP, C#, NodeJS


Mobile/ API/ Desktop/ Web

Linux/ Windows/macOS/Android/ iOS

Java, Python, Ruby, & C#


Web/Desktop/ API/ Mobile

Linux/ Windows/macOS/Android/ iOS

Java, Python, & C#


Web/ Mobile/ Desktop/ API

Linux/ Windows/mac

Java, Python, & C#



Linux/ Windows/macOS

Java & Groovy


Top 5 Lambdatest Competitor



BrowserStack is a massive software testing platform that performs over 2 million tests daily in 15 different data centers worldwide.

BrowserStack is best known for offering solutions tailored to your specific needs. You can pick between Live, Automate, and Percy when testing web applications, and between App Live and App Automate when testing mobile applications.

These solutions cater to all your software testing needs & eliminate the need for owning and managing an in-house test infrastructure. Moreover, you can achieve reliable test results faster by parallel testing on many different devices simultaneously.

In addition, BrowserStack offers incredible visual inspection and feature assessment features. But developers & testers especially root for the extensive interactive mobile testing offered by BrowserStack.

Overall, both start-up and massive software teams can benefit from BrowserStack for releasing bug-free software rapidly.

  • BrowserStack is based in Mumbai, India with 3 other global offices
  • Developed by Nakul Aggarwal & Ritesh Arora in 2011
  • Comprises of over 800 employees
  • This company earns revenue of over $204 million per year
browerstak test project

Key Features

  • Access to 3000+ real devices and browsers
  • Interactive iOS and Android testing
  • Performance testing with Lighthouse
  • Multiple Geolocation & GPS settings
  • Automated visual & live testing of mobile and web apps

BrowserStack Vs. Lambdatest: Is BrowserStack Better Than Lambdatest?

BrowserStack and Lambdatest are similar in more ways than one. However, BrowserStack has the upper hand on Lamdatest in many areas making it better than Lambdatest.

First of all, users praise that BrowserStack makes it effortless to manage and maintain all the different devices you run tests on. This tool also continuously updates the devices to the latest version which is where Lambdatest lags behind.

Unlike Lambdatest, BrowserStack offers exceptional visual inspection with its Percy solution. You get to find interface issues and release codes faster with greater visual coverage.

Moreover, where Lamdatest lacks in providing detailed test analytics, BrowserStack prides itself in providing efficient analytics & reporting features.

Other than that, Lambdatest cloud-server does slow down when multiple devices are running simultaneously which you won’t face with BrowserStack.

Pros Of Using BrowserStack

  • Test on thousands of environments
  • Zero setup & lower learning curve
  • Unified mobile & web app testing
  • Manual and automation testing
  • Access to Selenium & Cypress grid

Cons Of Using BrowserStack

  • Devices can get slow
  • VPN support is not up to the mark


BrowserStack Pricing

Our Review Of BrowserStack

BrowserStack’s cloud-based testing platform allows QA & developers to perform automated, visual, and live testing on mobile apps and websites efficiently as well as effortlessly.

We liked that you get to test your software on any browser and device combination you need to as BrowserStack offers more than 3000 browsers and device access.

With BrowserStack, you don’t have to face the hassle of in-house setup and maintenance. You can simply purchase a plan and use the cloud-based platforms to run all your testing operations.

Interfaces for all BrowserStack solutions are intuitive and user-friendly. The learning curve is also lower so your team will be able to get the hang of this platform swiftly.

Another great thing about BrowserStack is that you pay for only what you need. If you only require web application testing features you can choose one of the specified solutions for web testing.

Overall, BrowserStack is an incredible alternative to Lambdatest.

2. Sauce Labs


Sauce Labs is the first ever full-scale cloud-based testing platform. Since its launch, it has continued to offer efficient support for each stage of your software development lifecycle to ensure high-quality software products.

The primary focus of Sauce Labs is serving the test management requirements of development teams and businesses of all sizes. You can avail of both manual & automated testing solutions for web/mobile applications.

Sauce Labs testing cloud optimizes the entire STLC process and allows you to release products up to 10x faster. What’s more, their cloud infrastructure can reliably fit with newer technologies like Selenium, Appium, and JS unit.

Sauce Labs makes sure you can identify all of the software issues by running it on every browser-operating system combination required. Not only does this platform detect bugs, but it also streamlines the resources so you can immediately find solutions.

  • Sauce Labs Inc. is based in San Francisco, California
  • Developed by Jason Huggins, Al Sargent, Steven Hazel, and John Dunham in 2008.
  • Comprises of over 300 employees
  • The company earns revenue of over $58 million per year
sauce labs cross browser testing

Key Features

  • Supports 800+ new & legacy browsers
  • Advanced security with Sauce ConnectTM proxy
  • Integration with 10+ CI/CD tools for project maintenance
  • Tests support across desktop, web, simulators, emulators, & real devices
  • Heightened productivity with Sauce Headless & Sauce Performance

Sauce Labs Vs. Lambdatest: Who’s Better As A Software Testing Platform?

Sauce Labs is a far older and more reliable cross-browser testing tool than Lambdatest. Long time users consider Sauce Labs to be an all-in-one test execution and management platform.

Sauce Labs offer extensive features for system & unit testing whereas Lambdatest doesn’t offer such features yet.

Developers and testers get 360-degree control of the entire development and testing process thanks to Sauce Labs. It can integrate with over 10 CI tools allowing you to run tests in Sauce Labs from your preferred management tool.

Unlike Lambdatest, Sauce Labs offers advanced analytics for tracking and managing all the issues with the help of videos, screenshots, and easy-to-understand error logs.

Lambdatest doesn’t offer real device testing but Sauce Labs has a real device cloud with 1000s of real mobile devices to test your software on. Even though Sauce Labs is somewhat more expensive than Lambdatest, users report impressive ROI after using Sauce Labs.

Pros Of Using Sauce Labs

  • High security test cloud
  • 10x faster test & deployment
  • Integration with CI/CD tools
  • Advanced test analytics
  • Special tools for enhancing performance

Cons Of Using Sauce Labs

  • UI is tricky to navigate
  • Difficult to cancel running tests


saucelabs pricing

Our Review Of Sauce Labs

If you want a reliable and secure cloud-based testing platform, Sauce Labs is an excellent choice. This all-in-one platform includes web, desktop, mobile, emulators, simulators, and real devices for all your testing needs.

The best thing about Sauce Labs has to be its advanced security features. They offer a public cloud for regular testing and a private cloud for high-security testing.

That’s not all, you will be assigned single-use VMs for each test. This reduces flaky tests and security issues to as low as 0.02%.

Let’s not forget the analytics dashboard with various useful metrics. These metrics allow you to manage and track the tests more efficiently and solve issues immediately.

Sauce Lab also offers free trial and 3 different plans for matching the needs of small, medium, and large enterprises.

Best Sauce Labs alternatives

3. CrossBrowserTesting


The CrossBrowserTesting tool from Smartbear is a test automation platform with access to more than 1500 actual mobile and web testing devices.

This SaaS-based tool allows automated live, visual, and functional testing in the cloud. They have a dedicated device lab in Tennessee for testing your software on real devices.

What’s more, you can test your websites or software more securely by placing a firewall in front of them & setting up local connections. Performing efficient cross-browser testing will allow you to identify all software issues before deploying your software on thousands of browsers and devices.

CrossBrowserTesting comes with a Record & Replay feature that allows users to perform quick automated practical tests. That’s not all, it offers the most accurate GUI testing with its unmatched object recognition system.

  • Developed by Ken Hamric in 2008
  • Acquired by Smartbear in 2016
  • Employs over 100 people
  • Earns a revenue of $4.6M per year

Key Features

  • Live & local testing on over 2050 real devices
  • Access to Selenium & Appium automation testing
  • UI testing with visual & screenshot testing
  • Visual inspection with record & replay
  • Hierarchical testing with keyword testing

CrossBrowserTesting Vs. Lambdatest: Who’s Better As A Software Testing Platform?

CrossBrowserTesting is one of the earliest tools in the cloud-based test automation field. Hence, many users consider it more reliable than Lambdatest.

Where Lambdatest lacks in parameterized and system testing, CrossBrowserTesting thrives in unit, functional, live, visual, keyword-based, and tons of other test features.

Unlike Lambdatest, CrossBrowserTesting continuously updates each browser and OS to its latest version as soon as a new release happens. So, you get to make sure your product is compatible with new versions.

But the most intriguing fact about CrossBrowserTesting has to be its automated UI testing capability which you won’t find in Lambdatest.

After integration with Smartbear, CrossBrowserTesting has become more efficient in cross-browser test automation with features like cloud-side execution, TestComplete, Bitbar, and local testing which you won’t find in Lambdatest.

Pros Of Using CrossBrowserTesting

  • Simple intuitive interface
  • Strong community support
  • 2000+ real device testing
  • Automated GUI testing
  • Incredible test coverage

Cons Of Using CrossBrowserTesting

  • Issues with onboarding process
  • Slows down when many parallel tests are running


crossbrowser testing pricng

Our Review Of CrossBrowserTesting is best known for running unit and functional web tests. After being acquired by Smartbear, CrossBrowserTesting has only scaled up its cross-browser test automation game.

You get to test your software on the latest browser version and run them on all popular operating systems. This tool also provides real iOS and Android devices for testing to make sure your software runs perfectly on all devices.

With SmartBear’s added functionality TestComplete, users run quick & effortless automated UI tests using the Record & Replay option.

Another good feature is the ability to test local files which you don’t want to upload to the cloud yet. For running such tests securely, places a firewall in front of your software or website & tests it locally.

What we liked about CrossBrowserTesting are its simple user-friendly interface and lower learning curve.

Overall, CrossBrowserTesting is a good starter tool for ensuring end-to-end testing for your software.

4. Testsigma


When discussing Lambdatest alternatives, we must mention Testsigma. One of Testsigma’s most notable achievements has been the unification of the complete automation testing life cycle. This all-in-one platform can be used to simultaneously develop and test mobile, web, and desktop apps, as well as APIs.

In addition, Testsigma cloud service offers tester-friendly features such as pre-built integrations, automated scheduling, real-time & visual analytics, an intelligent AI engine along with phenomenal technical support.

The ability to write tests in simple English is another amazing fantastic feature of Testsigma. This allows anyone to write tests easily and efficiently regardless of coding skills.

Overall, Testsigma offers the flexibility, customization, and expandability of open source with all the convenience of a packaged solution.

  • Testsigma Technologies Inc is based in Bangalore, India
  • Founded by Rukmangada Kandyala in 2019
  • Comprises of over 50 employees
  • Earns a revenue of about $3.6M per year.

Key Features

  • Testing web, mobile, and API in one unified platform
  • Automatic flaky test fixing with AI auto-heal functionality
  • Easy connectivity with over 20 APIs and drivers
  • Test design in plain English with advanced NLP
  • Access to 2000+ Android & iOS devices and 800+ browser/OS

Lambdatest Vs Testsigma: Who’s Better As A Software Testing Platform?

Both Testsigma and Lambdatest are cloud-based automation testing tools for cross-browser testing. However, Testsigma is far superior to Lambdatest when it comes to automation.

Unlike Lambdatest, Testsigma allows you to perform more than six types of test automation including data-driven, visual testing, and 2FA testing.

In addition, Testsigma supports Unicode compliance & parameterized testing which Lambdatest doesn’t.

From planning & designing to developing, debugging, and generating detailed test reports – Testsigma does it all in one platform whereas you’ve to get different Lambdatest solutions for facilitating these tasks.

The fact that Testsigma is a true no-code testing environment is another key benefit. Hence, SMEs, BAs, and other non-technical people can also use this tool with the help of NLP-based English test script writing. Lambdatest doesn’t offer this convenience.

Unlike Lambdatest, Testsigma uses AI which speeds up planning, scripting, and execution saving maintenance effort by over 70%.

So, you get all the benefits of Lambdatest on Testsigma and much more without any of the limitations.

Pros Of Using Testsigma

  • Zero-initial setup
  • Parallel development & testing
  • Automated test healing functionality
  • NLP-based testing with zero coding
  • Test on thousands of environments

Cons Of Using Testsigma

  • Image comparison not available
  • Reporting is not efficient


Testsigma pricing

Our Review Of Testsigma

Testsigma extends the reach of QA and QC well beyond the engineering sector. It’s made possible with the zero-code NLP-based English test script writing that lowers the learning barrier to a huge extent.

With this one tool, you can test web, mobile, and desktop apps on more than 2000+ devices. Testsigma also bridges the massive gap separating production and releases by allowing parallel testing and development.

The ability to test your products on a wide range of environments, along with seamless integrations with CI/CD tools, enables you to release top-quality solutions rapidly.

Another thing we appreciated about Testsigma was the 24×7 ongoing technical support. So, if you are looking for an all-in-one and more reliable alternative to Lambdatest, Testsigma will be an excellent choice.

Overall, Testsigma is an incredible end-to-end testing platform that ensures seamless and collaborative testing.

5. Katalon


Katalon Studio is a popular open-source automated testing framework for cross-browser testing. Despite having a Selenium foundation, Katalon Studio stands out with a number of unique and practical features.

Katalon is more than a testing tool, it’s a business-ready platform for QA orchestration, test execution, test analytics, maintenance, and reporting.

The key selling point of this platform is the capability of running a pre-coded testing script without the need for coding.

It is compatible with all three major operating systems along with being compatible with older versions of Windows.

Katalon Studio offers six different packages to meet the various needs of QA engineers including Katalon Studio, Studio Enterprise, Runtime Engine, TestCloud, TestOps, and Recorder.

You can perform everything from test case generation, and test scheduling to running cross-browser tests on the cloud and more using these tools.

What’s more, the AI-powered features speed up testing, shorten testing cycles, reduce test maintenance, and improve release quality.

  • Katalon Studio is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Founded by Vu Lam in 2016
  • Comprises of over 230 employees
  • Earns a revenue of about $36.8M per year
Katalon cross browser testing

Key features

  • Record & Playback, Manual, and Script mode for flexible test creation
  • Easier troubleshooting with debugging UI and smart reporting
  • High reusability with Test Artifact Sharing and POM design
  • BDD, DDT, Keyword-Driven, and cross-platform testing
  • Ability to import Selenium, SoapUI, and Postman projects

Lambdatest Vs Katalon: Who’s Better As A Software Testing Platform?

The first difference between Katalon Studio and Lambdatest is that while the former offers parameterized, system, and unit testing the latter doesn’t.

Katalon is known for having fantastic test maintenance features a factor where Lamdatest certainly lacks behind. You get automatic updates to test suites & test cases with object change along with efficient management of test data & keywords.

Katalon allows scripting, debugging, and testing web, mobile, and API, access to Selenium and Cypress grid all in one platform. This platform is way easier to manage and much more affordable than Lambdatest.

Additionally, Katalon provides both free and paid plans, allowing individuals and small teams to learn at their own pace and without the constraints of time-limited trials.

Another great advantage of Katalon is that it provides a simple no-code IDE for non-programmers which Lamdatest doesn’t.

However, for programmers who want language independence, Katalon might be disappointing as it only works in Groovy and Java.

Pros Of Using Katalon

  • Reliable web, mobile, & API testing
  • Intuitive analytics dashboard
  • Record & playback feature
  • Integrations to CI/CD systems
  • Coding and zero-coding option

Cons Of Using Katalon

  • Limited to Java and Groovy
  • Small user community


Katalon pricing

Our Review Of Katalon

This simple yet effective testing software would be an excellent alternative if you believe your business needs to be more efficient.

For users who are not experienced with scripting languages, Katalon Studio is one of the finest solutions because it has a gentle learning curve and is really easy.

On the other hand, if you’re a more advanced user, you can use the Script mode to write advanced scripts using Groovy or Java.

Another thing we noticed is that most of the necessary tools are pre-installed in Katalon. This makes the initial setup procedure effortless.

Perhaps its most striking characteristic is that Katalon Studio offers a fully working version that is free to use.

It would be ideal for you, particularly if you want to continue with a single tool and are just starting out with automated software testing tools.

Katalon competitors for Cross Browser testing

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Which Is Better Lambdatest Or BrowserStack?

Answer: BrowserStack is better at providing efficient analytics & reporting features as well as exceptional visual inspection whereas Lambdatest lacks in offering proper test analytics. So, BrowserStack is better than Lambdatest.

Is Lambdatest Open Source?

Lambdatest is partially open source from April, 2022.

What Features Does Testsigma Fremium Plan Include?

Answer: In addition to 200 automated testing minutes each month, 100 desktop browser/OS combinations, and 100 actual mobile and tablet devices, the Testsigma freemium plan supports an unlimited number of users.

You also receive 5GB storage, 30 days of data retention, the ability to record test videos and screenshots, test five different projects, and integration with Slack, JIRA, and Jenkins.

Which Testing Platforms Are Codeless?

Answer: Katalon, AccelQ, Testim, CloudQA, Perfecto, and Leapwork are some testing platforms that don’t require coding. Testsigma also allows scripting in plain English.

Is Sauce Labs More Expensive Than Lambdatest?

Answer: Yes, Sauce Labs is more expensive than Lambdatest. For example, you have to pay $149 for accessing web & mobile automation with 1 parallel testing in Sauce Labs whereas Lambdatest charges $99.

However, Sauce Labs does come with many additional features that make this extra expenditure worth it and users report good ROI on Sauce Labs.


All the Lambdatest alternatives we’ve discussed are excellent for cross-browser testing. However, if you want to modernize the testing process and gain access to the best in the testing industry, TestSigma & BrowserStack are the best tools to go for.

But if you want a lower learning curve or codeless platforms, Katalon would be a good option. Sauce Lab is another fantastic option when you need better security features for testing sensitive software applications.

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