Software Testing Types, Methods and Strategies

In my various posts in this web log, I wrote about common and important Software Testing Types, Methods and Strategies. Below are these topics. Although this is not a complete list, but soon it will increase in size as well as in quality. Here is the list:

Model Based Testing-mbt

Model Based Testing – MBT

Model-based testing or MBT is a general term that signifies an approach that bases common testing tasks such as test case generation and test result evaluation on a model of the application under test.Microsoft illustrates MBT as: Model-based testing involves developing and using a data mode to generate tests. The model is essentially a specification …

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Configuring LoadRunner

Configuring LoadRunner Monitors on the Controller

To use the following monitors, you must first install or configure monitoring components on the server machine:COM+, Citrix, DB2, IBM WebSphere MQ, iPlanet (NAS), J2EE & .NET Diagnostics, Network Delay, Oracle, PeopleSoft (Tuxedo), SAPGUI, SAP Portal, SAP CCMS, Siebel Server Manager, Siebel Web Server, SiteScope, Tuxedo, UNIX, WebLogic (JMX), WebSphere Application Server. To obtain performance …

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