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Pressable Review: Is It the Ultimate Managed WordPress Hosting Solution?

Pressable is all about speed and security. With lightning-fast loading times and top-notch security measures, Pressable will keep your website in safe hands.

But that’s not all! Pressable also offers a user-friendly interface that even beginners can navigate effortlessly. Plus, their customer support is second to none, always ready to assist you with a smile. That’s why Pressable has become a favorite among website owners

So, why should you learn more about Pressable? Simple – it’s the key to unlocking a hassle-free and successful online presence. And in this Pressable review, we’ll break down all the details to help you make an informed decision about your website hosting needs.

Pressable: A Quick Overview

Pressable A Quick Overview

Pressable is a managed WordPress hosting platform that simplifies the process of hosting and maintaining WordPress websites. Pressable is designed to provide a hassle-free and optimized hosting experience specifically tailored for WordPress users. 

It offers a range of features and benefits, including automatic updates for WordPress core and plugins, daily backups, advanced security measures, and strong performance optimizations.

One of the noteworthy features of Pressable is its seamless integration with WordPress. It’s engineered to work flawlessly with the WordPress content management system, ensuring compatibility and smooth operation.

This integration means users can focus on creating and managing their WordPress websites without worrying about the technical complexities of hosting. 

Pressable’s commitment to delivering a reliable and user-friendly hosting solution makes it a popular choice among individuals and businesses looking to harness the full potential of their WordPress sites while minimizing the headaches of server management.

Features of Pressable

Listed below are the standout Pressable features and how they actively enhance the process of website development and administration.

Features of Pressable

Managed WordPress Hosting

Pressable offers fully managed WordPress hosting, which means they handle the technical aspects of running a WordPress site. This includes aspects like security, speed, updates, and scalability, allowing users to focus on their content and business.

Performance and Reliability

The website boasts impressive performance stats, such as a static performance test response time of 5.2 milliseconds and a P95 performance test response time of 12 milliseconds. They also offer a 100% uptime guarantee, highlighting their commitment to reliability.

Security and Backup Features 

The hosting service includes a web application firewall, free global CDN, automatic failover, and daily WordPress backups with all plans. These features ensure enhanced security and data protection for users’ websites.

Free Site Migration 

Pressable offers free site migration services, which is a significant convenience for users looking to switch their hosting to Pressable. This service is aimed at saving time and reducing the hassle typically associated with moving a website to a new host.

Pros of Pressable

  • Managed WordPress hosting for ease.
  • Reliable and secure hosting infrastructure.
  • Automatic backups and updates provided.
  • Excellent customer support for troubleshooting.
  • Scalability for growing websites.

Cons of Pressable

  • Higher pricing compared to some competitors.
  • Limited hosting options beyond WordPress.

Pressable User Experience

Check out these genuine user reviews from individuals who have had firsthand experiences with Pressable.

Excellent WordPress Integration

Users appreciate Pressable’s seamless integration with WordPress, making it easy to manage and optimize WordPress websites efficiently.

Reliable Hosting Performance

Many users have reported stable and high-performance hosting services, ensuring their websites load quickly and experience minimal downtime.

Expert Customer Support

Pressable’s responsive customer support team has received praise for their expertise and assistance in resolving technical issues promptly.

Automated Backups

Users value the automated daily backups provided by Pressable, which adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Pricing Concerns

Some users have mentioned that Pressable’s hosting plans can be relatively expensive compared to other providers, particularly for smaller websites or blogs.

Limited Plan Customization

A few users have expressed a desire for more flexibility in plan customization, as Pressable’s offerings may not cater to specific, unique requirements.

Occasional Server Issues

While generally reliable, a minority of users have encountered occasional server-related problems, impacting website performance and uptime.

Pressable Support for Users

After conducting extensive research and engaging with our valued users, we’ve uncovered some fascinating insights about the world of Pressable customer support.

24/7 Availability

One of the standout features of Pressable’s support is its round-the-clock availability. Whether you encounter an issue in the middle of the night or during a holiday weekend, you can rest assured that Pressable’s support team is ready to assist you at any hour.

Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff

Pressable’s support team consists of knowledgeable and friendly experts who are not only proficient in the technical aspects of web hosting but also skilled in providing clear, jargon-free explanations. This makes it easy for users of all levels of expertise to understand and resolve their issues.

Quick Response Times

Time is of the essence when you’re dealing with website-related problems. Pressable understands this and prides itself on its quick response times. Users report that they often receive responses within minutes, ensuring that their websites remain up and running smoothly.

Effective Troubleshooting

The true measure of a support team’s quality is its ability to effectively troubleshoot and resolve issues. Pressable’s support team consistently goes above and beyond to identify and fix problems swiftly, minimizing downtime for users’ websites.

Pressable Pricing

Here are the different plans and Pressable pricing:

Plan TypeSites IncludedPrice/MonthlyPrice/YearlyStorage
Personal1$25$20.8320 GB
Starter3$45$37.5030 GB
Advanced5$60$5035 GB
Pro10$90$7550 GB
Premium20$155$129.1780 GB
Business50$350$291.67200 GB
Business 8080$545$454.17275 GB

These are the general pricing of Pressable, there are various other plans with different pricing so visit their page for further details.

Our Review: Is Pressable the Right Host for Your Business?

As we search for the ideal hosting solution for your business, we’ve focused our attention on Pressable. Now, let’s take a look at our review of Pressable.

Pressable excels as a managed WordPress hosting provider. With a laser focus on speed, security, and scalability, they’ve crafted an environment where your website can thrive. 

No more sluggish loading times or fretting over cyber threats. What truly sets Pressable apart is their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. 

Their 24/7 support team stands ready to tackle any issue, ensuring your website runs smoothly. Plus, their user-friendly dashboard simplifies WordPress management, even for novices.

While Pressable may not be the most budget-friendly option, the premium performance and stellar support make it a worthwhile investment for businesses serious about their online presence. So, if you’re in pursuit of a hosting partner that’s got your back, Pressable is a strong contender.

Best Alternatives to Pressable

Although Pressable offers a range of impressive features, it’s essential to acknowledge that every website comes with its own set of unique requirements. Exploring alternative hosting solutions that cater more precisely to your specific needs can be a smart move. Here are some intriguing alternatives to Pressable:

1. Kinsta


Kinsta is a premium web hosting platform that stands out in the crowded hosting industry. With its lightning-fast performance powered by the Google Cloud Platform, Kinsta ensures your website loads quickly, keeping your visitors engaged. 

Their user-friendly dashboard simplifies website management, and their expert support team is available 24/7 to assist with any issues. Kinsta also places a strong emphasis on security, with features like DDoS detection and free SSL certificates. 

While it may come at a higher price point, Kinsta’s top-notch performance and customer-centric approach make it an excellent choice for businesses and websites looking for premium hosting services.

PricingStarts at $25/monthStarts at $30/month
Managed WordPressYesYes
Server LocationsMultiple data centers worldwideMultiple data centers worldwide
Uptime Guarantee99.999%99.9%
Traffic ScalingAutomatic scaling with plan upgradesAutomatic scaling with plan upgrades
CDN IntegrationIncluded (Jetpack Premium CDN)Included (KeyCDN)
Daily BackupsYes, automatedYes, automated
Staging EnvironmentsYesYes
SSL CertificatesIncludedIncluded
Performance OptimizationNginx, PHP 7.4, object cachingNginx, PHP 7.4/8.0, server-level caching
Security FeaturesMalware scanning, WAF, DDoS protectionDDoS protection, uptime monitoring
Customer Support24/7 live chat and email support24/7 live chat and ticket-based support
Developer-FriendlySSH access, WP-CLI, Git, and moreSSH access, WP-CLI, Git, and more
Free MigrationsYes, unlimitedYes, with limitations
Money-Back Guarantee90 days30 days

2. WP Engine

WP Engine

WP Engine is a top-tier managed WordPress hosting platform that caters to those seeking speed, security, and scalability for their websites. With a reputation for exceptional performance, WP Engine offers a finely-tuned environment specifically designed for WordPress. 

Its features include automatic updates, daily backups, and strong security measures to keep your site safe from threats. The platform’s content delivery network (CDN) ensures speedy page loads, enhancing the user experience. 

WP Engine’s scalability makes it suitable for businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises. While it’s not the cheapest option, the premium service and performance it provides make it a go-to choice for WordPress enthusiasts.

FeaturePressableWP Engine
Managed WordPressYesYes
Uptime Guarantee100% with Service Level Agreement (SLA)99.95% with Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Server LocationsMultiple data centers worldwideMultiple data centers worldwide
PerformanceExcellent performance and speedExcellent performance and speed
Automatic BackupsYes, daily backups with 30-day retentionYes, daily backups with 40-day retention
ScalabilityEasily scalable plansEasily scalable plans
Security FeaturesFree SSL, DDoS protection, firewallsFree SSL, DDoS protection, firewalls
Staging EnvironmentsYes, availableYes, available
CDN IntegrationIncluded with plansIncluded with plans
Developer ToolsSSH access, Git integrationSSH access, Git integration
Support24/7 customer support via chat and email24/7 customer support via chat and email
PricingStarts at $25/monthStarts at $30/month

3. Hostwinds 


Hostwinds is a web hosting platform that stands out for its versatility and reliability. With a user-friendly interface and a range of hosting options, it caters to both beginners and experienced users. 

Their services include shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and cloud hosting, providing scalability to meet the needs of any website. Hostwinds also offers a 99.9999% uptime guarantee, ensuring your site stays online. 

Hostwinds 24/7 customer support is known for its responsiveness and helpfulness. Whether you’re launching a personal blog or managing a complex e-commerce site, Hostwinds’ feature-rich platform has you covered, making it a solid choice in the hosting world.

Hosting TypesManaged WordPress HostingShared, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated Hosting
PerformanceExcellent performance and speed optimized for WordPressVaries depending on the hosting type and plan
Uptime Guarantee99.999% uptime SLA99.999% uptime guarantee (shared hosting)
WordPress IntegrationFully optimized for WordPress, automatic updates, and staging environmentSupports WordPress, but not specialized for it
Control PanelCustom control panel designed for WordPresscPanel (shared hosting), Custom control panels (other hosting types)
Customer Support24/7 WordPress experts, ticket, and chat support24/7 customer support, various support channels
ScalabilityLimited scalability beyond WordPress sitesScalable across different hosting types and plans
PricingHigher cost due to managed WordPress focusCompetitive pricing with various hosting options
Free DomainNot typically includedIncluded in some hosting plans
SSL CertificatesFree SSL certificates includedSSL certificates available for purchase
Money-Back Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee60-day money-back guarantee (shared hosting)
Data CentersMultiple data centers for better global coverageMultiple data centers in the US


The in-depth Pressable review shows that Pressable is a reliable hosting choice for WordPress users, offering seamless performance and expert support. Its importance in ensuring a smooth online presence cannot be overstated. 

However, it’s vital to weigh the pros and cons and dive into an in-depth review of any host before taking the plunge. Keep in mind that Pressable might not be the perfect fit for everyone.

For stellar alternatives, consider WP Engine and Kinsta. They boast impressive features and reputations in the WordPress hosting world. The ultimate decision rests with you – your website’s success depends on finding the right hosting match. Choose wisely, and here’s to your digital journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pressable suitable for beginners with no technical experience?

Yes, Pressable is beginner-friendly with its user-friendly control panel and managed services. Their support team is available to assist with any technical issues, making it accessible for WordPress users of all skill levels.

What security measures does Pressable have in place?

Pressable implements multiple layers of security, including daily malware scanning, firewalls, and automatic WordPress updates. They also offer free SSL certificates to encrypt data, enhancing website protection.

Can I migrate my existing WordPress site to Pressable?

Yes, Pressable provides free website migration services, making it easy to transfer your existing WordPress site. Their support team assists in ensuring a seamless transition to their hosting platform.

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