Bug Life Cycle


The steps in defect life cycle varies from company to company. But the basic flow remains the same. However, below I'm describing a basic flow for Bug Life Cycle:

  • A Tester finds a bug. Status --> Open
  • Test lead review the bug and authoriza the bug. Stats --> Open
  • Development team lead review the defect. Stats --> Open
  • The defect can be authorized or unauthorized by the development team. (Here the status of the defect / bug will be Open (For Authorized Defects) & Reject (For Unauthorized Defects).
  • Now, the authorized bugs will get fixed or deferred by the development team. Status of the fixed bugs will be Fixed & Status will be Deferred for the bugs which got Deferred.
  • The Fixed bugs will be again re-tested by the testing team (Here based on the Closure of the Bug, the status will be made as Closed or if the bug still remains, it will be re-raised and status will be Re-opened.
The above-mentioned cycle continues until all the bugs / defects gets fixed in the application.

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