How to Improve Software Testing Process / Practice


Improving the testing process is not the responsibility of test team only. It is a joint effort of Development & Testing team and Management to understand the health of existing testing process and identify the necessary measures to improve it.
How to Improve Software Testing Process
Points for Leads, Test Managers, Project Managers and Delivery Heads:
  1. Identify all the platforms on which application will be run.
  2. Improve requirements management process – business & functional requirements should be well documented. Involve testing team in requirement gathering phase.
  3. Create a document / list of all possible scenarios before writing test cases. Include it into test planning.
  4. Measure testing effort on periodical basis – New Bug Rate, Effort Variance, Schedule Variance, Test Case Effectiveness, Residual defect density etc.
  5. Keep developers away from test environments.
  6. Post mortem meetings must be planned after every release. Both testing & development teams should participate in these meetings.
  7. Keep track of bug fixing time taken by development team. Keep informed about the time remaining for regression testing to relevant stack holders. Tracking of this point by relevant stack holders is very critical as it may result in low quality releases.
Points for Software Testers:
  1. Try to understand the logic behind the screen and try to break that logic. Understand the internal workings of code from developers during lunch time or tea breaks.
  2. Analyse test results thoroughly. Try to identify root cause from functional perspective.
  3. Break the application into smaller functional modules.
  4. First write test cases for valid conditions, then cover invalid conditions.
  5. While writing test cases, refer design documents as well.
  6. As soon as you complete the test case writing, share test case with development team. It could result in time saving.
  7. During test case writing phase, group test cases using impact analysis. It will help in effective regression testing in less time.
  8. If you are new tester for a old development team, have a look on old bug reports of modules / project where development worked previously. Generally developers, repeat similar mistakes.
  9. Test the application for both implicit as well as explicit requirements.
  10. Never communicate bugs verbally. For any critical / show stopper bugs, have an immediate discussion & then document via mail and share it to relevant stack holders.


  1. It is very wonderfull center

  2. Regarding "During test case writing phase, group test cases using impact analysis. It will help in effective regression testing in less time", sometimes as a tester, you really need domain knowledge to understand what is high impact and what is not. This is generally a problem unless you really understand the application from the end users' point of view.

  3. Good read. Prioritise your test cases correctly.