How to correlate a Winsock script in LoadRunner


For LoadRunner 7.51 and later, users can correlate the dynamic value for a Winsock script from VuGen's Tree View. Below is further information on how it can be accomplished.

In LoadRunner, to use the Tree View for correlation:
  1. Open the script in VuGen.
  2. Choose View > Tree View.
  3. The Tree View will open with the following structure:

    • Function call in the LoadRunner script listed on the left panel.
    • Snapshot of the page in the right panel which can be viewed in either Text View or Binary View

    To correlate in LoadRunner:
  1. Select the lrs_recieve function on the left panel of the Tree View. The contents of the received buffer are displayed in the right panel.
  2. Select either Text View or Binary View. If you work in Text View, you need to clear the Read-only check box in the upper right corner.
  3. Search for the dynamic value that you want to capture.
  4. Highlight that value, right-click, and select Create Parameter. There are two ways to create a parameter:

    • If the offset of the dynamic value is fixed, highlighting that value will set the correct values for Data Range in the Create Parameter window. This creates the function lrs_save_param.
    • If the offset values are not fixed (when the send buffer is parameterized and the response of the server changes in length), look for fixed left and right boundaries to capture the value. Then check Extract Parameter data using boundaries and set the left and right boundaries correctly. This creates function lrs_save_search_string.

  5. VuGen will pop-up with an option for applying the correlation to all occurrences of the value in the script.

    • If you select Yes, VuGen will automatically search for this value in all the lrs_send buffers and replace the values with the parameter name.
    • If you select No, the correlation will be applied to the current location only.

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