Software Testing Metrics

1. Cost of finding a defect in testing (CFDT)

= Total effort spent on testing / defects found in testing

Note: Total time spent on testing including time to create, review, rework, execute the test cases and record the defects. This should not include time spent in fixing the defects.

2. Test Case Adequacy: This defines the number of actual test cases created vs estimated test cases at the end of test case preparation phase. It is calculated as

No. of actual test cases / No: of test cases estimated

3. Test Case Effectiveness: This defines the effectiveness of test cases which is measured in number of defects found in testing without using the test cases. It is calculated as

No. of defects detected using test cases*100/Total no: of defects detected

4. Effort Variance can be calculated as

{(Actual Efforts-Estimated Efforts) / Estimated Efforts} *100

5. Schedule Variance: It can be calculated as

{(Actual Duration – Estimated Duration)/Estimated Duration} *100

6. Schedule Slippage: Slippage is defined as the amount of time a task has been delayed from its original baseline schedule. The slippage is the difference between the scheduled start or finish date for a task and the baseline start or finish date. It is calculated as

((Actual End date – Estimated End date) / (Planned End Date – Planned Start Date) * 100

7. Rework Effort Ratio:

{(Actual rework efforts spent in that phase / Total actual efforts spent in that phase)} * 100

8. Review Effort Ratio:

(Actual review effort spent in that phase / Total actual efforts spent in that phase) * 100

9. Requirements Stability Index:

{1 – (Total No. of changes /No of initial requirements)}

10. Requirements Creep:

(Total No. of requirements added / No of initial requirements) * 100

11. Weighted Defect Density:

WDD = (5*Count of fatal defects)+(3*Count of Major defects)+(1*Count of minor defects)

Note: Here the Values 5, 3, 1 correspond to severities as mentioned below:

Fatal – 5
Major – 3
Minor – 1

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