Software Testing

Software Testing

Software Testing is the process of evaluating the features of software and finding the differences between existing and expected requirements. In today’s scenario following are some of the major problems:

  1. Some of the new development methodologies are developed through trial. Generally, these methods typically don’t produce specifications for the tester to test against. So, testers have to find bugs by hit and trial.
  2. In today’s tough competition in the market, software development has been driven by entrepreneurial pressures, tight schedule, and constantly evolving product definition. For these reasons, sometimes, it is difficult to convince management that testing is necessary or worthwhile.
  3. There are only few trained testers using formal methods and metrics. Most of the software testers out there are just passing through testing on their way to some other career. So, overall the testing effort is not giving the high-quality results that may help demonstrate how the testing effort improves the quality of the product.
  4. In the past few years, the quality of standards of software development is improved drastically. It has a profound effect on the quality of the final product. It has also removed the need for extensive low-level testing in these areas, so the demand for white box tester is decreased.

Also, please remember that “A test effort that just finds bugs is not enough.” As a software tester, you must be able to demonstrate that your effort is adding value to the quality of the software. Measure that value in order to demonstrate the value added.

Management would also take interest in knowing that which parts of the software development life cycle is contributing in achieving the product quality. So, add the value as you can.

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