Jumping to a Step in QuickTest 10.00

You can view the step in QuickTest that corresponds to a node in the run results tree. To view the step in the test that corresponds to a node:

1. Select a node in the run results tree.
2. Perform one of the following:

– Click the Jump to Step in QuickTest button from the Run Results toolbar.
– Right-click and select Jump to Step in QuickTest from the context-sensitive menu.
– Select View > Jump to Step in QuickTest.

3. The QuickTest window is activated and the step is highlighted.

To jump to a step, the following conditions must be true:

a. QuickTest must be running and open to the test whose results are displayed in the Test Results window.

b. The test was run in a version of QuickTest that supports the Jump to Step in QuickTest functionality.

c. The node has a corresponding step in QuickTest. This feature is disabled for the Action, Iteration, Run-Time Data Table, and Test Summary nodes.

d. The step was not performed by a recovery scenario.

e. The step was not run from the Watch or Command tabs of the Debug Viewer.

f. The step is not part of an action that was run using the LoadAndRunAction statement.

g. The test was saved before the run session.

h. The test ran in Normal mode. For information on running QuickTest in Normal mode.

Rahnuma Tasnim

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