Resources and Dependencies Model

The Resources and Dependencies model provides very good integration between QuickTest and Quality Center.
1. It replaces the use of attachments with linked QuickTest assets. You store your tests in the Test Plan module, and you store your resource files in the Test Resources module. When you associate a resource file to a test, these assets become linked. Linking assets improves runtime performance by decreasing download time. It also helps to ensure that the relationships between dependent assets are maintained. (Using attachments increases download time from Quality Center 10.00)
2. It also supports versioning & baselines for tests and resource files. You can create versions of these assets in QuickTest or in Quality Center. You manage asset versions and baselines in Quality Center.

3. Enables you to view and compare your QuickTest assets in both Quality Center and QuickTest. You can use the Asset Comparison Tool to compare versions of individual QuickTest assets and the Asset Viewer for viewing an earlier version of a QuickTest asset. Both of these viewers are available in Quality Center and in QuickTest.

4. Enables you to import and share assets across Quality Center projects.

Further, please note that if you are working with the Resources and Dependencies model with Quality Center 10.00, specify an absolute Quality Center path.

Rahnuma Tasnim

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