Test Readiness Review Checklist

Before starting the actual testing, it is important to check whether the system / project / environment is ready for testing. This is called as Test Readiness Review. It is better to do it with a checklist.

Below is a sample Test Readiness Review Checklist:

1. Whether all the tests are conducted according to the Test Plan / Cases ?

2. Are all problems / defects translated into Defect Reports ?
3. Are all the Defect Reports satisfactorily resolved ?

4. Is the log of the tests conducted available?

5. Is unit testing complete in all respects?

6. Is Integration testing complete ?

7. Is all the relevant documentation baselined ?

8. Is all work products products baselined?

9. Is the test plan baselined ?

10. Does the test plan contain the strategy / procedure to conduct the system test ?

11. Are baselined test designs and test cases ready?

12. Is unit/integrated test software ready ?

13. Is the user manual ready?

14. Is the installation procedure documented ?

15. Are all the product requirements implemented?

16. Is the list of known problems available? Is there any “workaround” procedure for the known bugs ?

17. Are test environment needs met for Hardware, code, procedures, scripts, test tools etc.?

18. List of exceptions in test software and test procedures and their work around if any?

19. Is the test reporting tool is available?

20. Are the designers educated on Test reporting tool?

21. Is any standard methodology / tool used and is appropriate to the type of the project?

22. Is the criteria for regression testing defined? Has the regression testing been done accordingly?

23. Is the source code available from the client for performing regression testing complete in all respects?

24. Is the source code freezed for testing?

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