Recording Tips in Load Runner

In continuation to my previous post “Recording Problems in Load Runner”, here, I’m going to give you some good and useful tips for doing recording in Load Runner.

  1. Use the mouse and not the keyboard: In LoadRunner, it is preferable to click on an object with the mouse rather then using the keyboard. During recording, use only GUI objects that are within the browser’s pane. Do not use any browser icons, controls, the Stop button, or menu items, such as View > Refresh. You may, however, use the Refresh, Home, Back and Forward buttons and the address bar.
  2. Do not record over an existing script : It is best to record into a newly created script—not an existing one.
  3. Avoid context menus: Avoid using context menus during recording. Context menus are menus which pop up when clicking an item in a graphical user interface, such as right-click menus.
  4. Avoid working in a browser while recording: During recording, do not work in any browser window other than the browser windows opened by VuGen.
  5. Wait for downloads: Wait for all downloads to complete before doing any action, such as clicking on a button or filling in a text field.
  6. Wait for pages to load: During recording, it is best to wait for the page to load completely before doing the next step. If you did not wait for all of the pages to load, record the script again.
  7. Navigate to start page: If the last page in an action does not contain the links and buttons that were available at the start of the iteration, then the next iteration will fail. For example, if the first page has a text link Book A Flight, make sure to navigate to the appropriate page at the end of your recording, so that the same link will be visible at the end of the business process.
  8. Use a higher event configuration level: Record the business process again the High Event Configuration level.
  9. Disable socket level recording: In certain cases, the capturing of the socket level messages disrupts the application. For most recordings, socket level data is not required. To prevent the recording of socket level data, disable the option in the recording options. For more information, see the section about recording with Click and Script.
  10. Enable the record rendering-related property values: If the client-side scripts of the application use a lot of styling activities, enable the Record rendering-related property values option before recording the script. For example, enable this option to record additional DOM objects such as offsetTop. Note that enabling this option may decrease the replay speed. To enable record rendering-related property values in Load Runner:
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