Enabling and Disabling Breakpoints in QTP

You can instruct QTP to ignore an existing breakpoint during a debug session by temporarily disabling the breakpoint. Then, when you run your component or function library, QTP runs the step containing the breakpoint, instead of stopping at it. When you enable the breakpoint again, QTP pauses there during the next run. This is particularly useful if your component or function library contains many steps, and you want to debug a specific part of it.
You can enable or disable breakpoints individually or all at once. For example, suppose you add breakpoints to various steps throughout your component or function library, but for now you want to debug only a specific part of your document. You could disable all breakpoints in your component or function library, and then enable breakpoints only for specific steps. After you finish debugging that section of your document, you could disable the enabled breakpoints, and then enable the next set of breakpoints (in the section you want to debug). Because the breakpoints are disabled and not removed, you can find and enable any breakpoint, as needed.

An enabled breakpoint is indicated by a filled red circle icon in the left margin  adjacent to the selected step. A disabled breakpoint is indicated by an empty circle icon in the left margin adjacent to the selected step.

Please note breakpoints are applicable only to the current QTP session and are not saved with your component or function library.

To enable/disable a specific breakpoint:

  • Click in the line containing the breakpoint you want to disable/enable
  • Choose Debug > Enable/Disable Breakpoint or press Ctrl+F9. The breakpoint is either disabled or enabled (depending on its previous state)

To enable/disable all breakpoints: Choose Debug > Enable/Disable All Breakpoints or click the Enable/Disable All Breakpoints button. If at least one breakpoint is enabled, QuickTest disables all breakpoints in the component or function library. Alternatively, if all breakpoints are disabled, QuickTest enables them.

Rahnuma Tasnim

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