Configuring LoadRunner Monitors on the Controller

Configuring LoadRunner Monitors on the Controller

To use the following monitors, you must first install or configure monitoring components on the server machine:
COM+, Citrix, DB2, IBM WebSphere MQ, iPlanet (NAS), J2EE & .NET Diagnostics, Network Delay, Oracle, PeopleSoft (Tuxedo), SAPGUI, SAP Portal, SAP CCMS, Siebel Server Manager, Siebel Web Server, SiteScope, Tuxedo, UNIX, WebLogic (JMX), WebSphere Application Server.

To obtain performance data for a monitor, you need to configure the monitor from the Controller, and indicate which statistics and measurements you want to monitor. You select these counters using the monitor’s Add Measurements dialog box.

To set up a monitor, you need to perform the following:

  • Add a monitored server to the Controller by selecting the server whose monitors you want to configure
  • For SiteScope monitors, configure the remote server
  • Configure the monitor by selecting the measurements that you want to monitor
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