We Tried 5 Swagger Alternatives [In-Depth Comparison 2024]

Quick List of 5 Alternatives To Swagger

Here is a quick list of the 5 alternatives that I will compare today:

  1. PostmanBest known for its versatility (mobile, website, and API development tool).
  2. ReadMeBest for interactive API documentation.
  3. StoplightBest for designing, building, and documenting faster APIs.
  4. RedoclyBest API development tool with consulting services.
  5. Document360Best known for all-in-one documentation and robust tool.

Reasons To Consider An Alternative To Swagger

Here are some common reasons why one should consider Swagger API alternatives. They are as follows:

  • Cost: Swagger has an open source available for the developers to try out its features. But unfortunately, the free version doesn’t contain all the customized options for API development or other application programming interfaces. Additionally, the paid version might be expensive for some users. Hence, a low-budget developer must look for other sources with more customized options in the free version.
  • Ease of use: Some features of Swagger UI are complicated and require advanced programming language to operate. Hence, Swagger UI might not be suitable for non-technical developers. Therefore, they should look for a tool that is easier to use.
  • Performance Analysis: When working with big APIs, some users have complained that the Swagger UI can be slow and not well-responsive in time. Hence, a user should consider an alternative that can handle a more effective load if they’re working with a huge API.
  • Compatibility: Swagger UI is only associated with API development. Some users may also want other web services or mobile apps testing services, besides API development. Therefore, it’s necessary to find a tool that is compatible with every kind of project’s requirements of the developers.

Comparison Chart of Top 5 Swagger Competitor

Here is a comparison chart for an overview of all the Swagger alternatives I’ll be presenting:


  Types of application testing

  Supported platforms

Programming languages






  Mobile, Website, API

  Windows, Mac, Linux, Website

  HTML, CSS, JavaScript

(1042 reviews)


  Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile devices

  TypeScript, React, GraphQL

(28 reviews)


  Windows, Mac, Linux, Website, and other integrated tools

  TypeScript, React, GraphQL

(315 reviews)


  Windows, Mac, Linux

( N/A)


  Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile devices

  Python, JavaScript, .NET

(331 reviews)


postman dashboard

The first on our list is Postman, best known for its API development feature. With Postman present in your project, you can quickly write, and test any APIs thanks to its user-friendly interface. Additionally, you can also test website or mobile applications on Postman which makes it the most versatile tool for Swagger UI alternatives.

Furthermore, operating Postman doesn’t require any additional programming language which makes it easy for non-technical developers to work smoothly at the preliminary stage. Postman will also provide you with various HTTP methods such as GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. You can easily send these requests to your API testing and get the real-time response of the same service after each debug.

About Postman

The list below will show all the necessary information regarding Postman:

  • The founder and CEO of Postman is Abhinav Asthana.
  • The head office is located in San Francisco, California, United States.
  • Founded in 2014.
  • Comprises a maximum of 1000 employees.

Key Features:

postman API testing

Versatile Testing: As mentioned above, Postman is best for its API testing, mobile, and website application feature that allows developers to write their customized code or send HTTP requests to modify their APIs accordingly. This makes it a comprehensive tool to ensure that their application is functioning smoothly.

postman manual tests

Automate manual tests: If you want to free yourself from all the manual testing, Postman offers automation by writing the codes in JavaScript. This saves a lot of testing for the developers.

Collaboration: Postman will also allow you to share your API documents, and test cases with other developers from your team. This helps the whole team to generate the APIs more efficiently and frequently work on some more developments.

postman Integration

Integrations: Postman includes third-party tools such as GitHub, Slack, and Jira to increase the testing efficiency of the API testing.

postman g2 capterra rating

Ratings and Reviews: G2 (4.6/5, 1042 reviews), Capterra (4.7/5, 437 reviews)

Swagger UI vs Postman

Before comparing Swagger UI and Postman, one thing I must mention is that both tools are excellent when it comes to API testing progress. Additionally, both of the tools contain an open-source network (free version ) which allows the developers to make test scripts on it. But, Postman additionally offers website and mobile testing.

Furthermore, the interface of Postman is far more user-friendly than Swagger. Also, it allows you to collaborate with other developers which saves a lot of time in figuring out the debugs.

Swagger UI provides flexibility in choosing your own coding language whereas Postman requires JavaScript only to generate interface documents and perform the automation techniques.

But, Postman doesn’t require any coding for API development and therefore, if your focus is versatile such as API, mobile, and website, then Postman will be perfect in the list of Swagger competitors.


  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • It’s a comprehensive API testing tool with development and automation capabilities.
  • It allows collaboration with other developers.
  • it includes advanced and reliable integration techniques.
  • It also allows mobile and website application testing.


  • The free version has got limited features.
  • Learning JavaScript for automation will be time-consuming.


Postman API Platform plans and pricing

Try Postman

Our review of Postman

Though Postman is great for API development and automated testing only, if there’re any unwanted errors, the solution might be difficult. The amount of detailing on the error message is less which I found to be trouble being a non-technical developer.

Postman competitors for app testing


ReadMe dashboard

Another company that has been taking on the API documentation task by storm is ReadMe. Their comprehensive features really make it easy for developers to write codes, generate APIs, and use templates or code samples from their libraries.

Along with the integrations, ReadMe is a powerful tool for those who are looking for alternatives to Swagger API documentation.

About ReadMe

The list below will show all the necessary information regarding ReadMe:

  • The founder and CEO of ReadMe is Gregory Koberger.
  • The head office is located in San Francisco, California, United States.
  • Founded in 2014.
  • Comprises a maximum of 50 employees.

Key Features

ReadMe API analysis

API analysis: ReadMe allows you to explore APIs on their documentation which makes it easy for them to run the test cases accordingly. Moreover, it also provides a deep analysis of each APIs according to usage.

readme code templates

Customized code templates: ReadMe offers code templates for you so that you can choose the most preferred one and understand your API.

Documentation: ReadMe also has another feature named interactive documentation that allows developers to test their APIs and explore them directly.

ReadMe Integrations

Integrations: As for increasing testing efficiency, ReadMe uses several integration techniques from GitHub, Slack, Swagger, Postman, Jira, and many more.

ReadMe g2 rating

Ratings and Reviews: G2 (4.8/5, 28 reviews), Capterra (4/5, 3 reviews)

Swagger UI vs ReadMe

In my intensive research, I’ve found negligible differences between Swagger UI and ReadMe. Both have a simple interface to operate with different API-related documentation.

ReadMe offers more customization options compared to Swagger UI and more advanced interactive documentation. But, the more advanced features come with a relatively high subscription cost, which is cheaper in the case of Swagger UI.

Therefore, according to your project’s requirement, for more advanced customizable options and Swagger alternatives, choose ReadMe, but one must remember the cost of the premium packages.

Hence, for lower-budget developers, I’ll suggest sticking to Swagger UI!


  • ReadMe is very easy to use.
  • It offers customized code templates for your projects.
  • The API analysis is robust.
  • Advanced integrations to improve the efficiency of the results.

Cons :

  • The premium packages of ReadMe are costly.


ReadMe pricing

Try ReadMe

Our review of ReadMe

I personally didn’t find any sort of performance fault while using ReadMe for API documentation. The community support is well-satisfactory and not to mention, and the interface is user-friendly. But most of the features are included in the premium packages, which can be really expensive for low-budget developers.



Do you wish to design, document, and build faster alternatives to Swagger API documentation? Then I’ve got another tool for you to try- Stoplight. Stoplight integrates with a lot of third-party tools that allow it to provide an essential environment for the developers and their groups to work on the API development based on the API features.

Furthermore, it also includes documentation and other functionalities that accounts for the robustness and reliability of this API development tool.

About Stoplight

The list below will show all the necessary information regarding Stoplight:

  • The founder and Director of Stoplight is Marc MacLeod.
  • The current CEO is Harrison Yeager.
  • The head office is located in Austin, Texas.
  • Founded in 2015.
  • Comprises a maximum of 200 employees.

Key Features

API design: While designing API, Stoplight includes a visual editor that allows the developers to design customized APIs in the formats such as OPENAI, RAML, and GraphQL.

stoplight API testing

API testing: Stoplight also includes API testing which allows you to automate the whole process with the help of a suitable programming language of your choice.

Stoplight API visualizing

API visualizing: While carrying out the API testing, you can visualize and explore each API which allows the developers to understand its working principle.

API monitoring: You can also monitor all the APIs to account for any issues and command the test cases to provide any real-time solution.

Integrations: Stoplight also includes integration techniques such as GitHub, Jira, and Slack for the API development process.

Stoplight g2 capterra rating

Ratings and Reviews: G2 (4.4/5, 315 reviews), Capterra (4.6/5, 7 reviews).

Swagger UI vs Stoplight

Both tools provide a collaboration feature, various integration techniques, and a user-friendly interface to support the API development analysis.

But Stoplight provides a more comprehensive visual editor that helps in the creation and development of APIs, which will be perfect for Swagger API alternatives. On the other hand, Swagger UI is more lightweight and only focuses on API documentation.

Therefore, for more robust API works, Stoplight will be better in terms of Swaggerhub alternatives.

Pros :

  • It’s a comprehensive API tool for designing, developing, and documenting.
  • Numerous customized API features for development.
  • It also has a user-friendly interface.


  • The premium packages included with Stoplight are expensive.
  • The community support isn’t up to the mark.


Stoplight pricing

Try Stoplight

Our review of Stoplight

As for my experience with Stoplight, it provides an efficient API tool that every developer seeks. But, the interface struggles with the workflow and the results might take longer than usual, I’ll recommend the Stoplight developers give this issue some thought.


Redocly dashboard

Do you wish to get some consulting services for your business strategies in terms of API development? Then you should consider Redolcy for API documentation with a reliable source for Swagger alternatives.

Redocly is another company that provides every kind of tool and service to manage the APIs. They also serve a specialized product named OpenAPI tool that will meet all your APIs demands.

Other services of Redolcy include developer portal solutions, customizable templates, and themes for API documentation. All these services altogether will enable your business to run with all the resources necessary to use the APIs.

About Redocly

The list below will show all the necessary information regarding Stoplight:

  • The head office is located in Austin, Texas.
  • Founded in 2017.
  • Comprises a maximum of 50 employees.

Key Features

Extendibility: Redolcy allows the developers to work with different aspects of API development which accounts for its extendibility and provides every stack and tool to maintain a steady workflow environment.

Redocly dashboard

API designs: Redolcy provides a fine design approach to API development which means that you can perfectly analyze the existing API before writing any code to modify it. This ensures a well architecture of your API for the project.

Automation API-dependent operations: Redolcy also provides automatic generation of API, thanks to its OpenAPI tool which saves a lot of time and reduces any chance of errors.

Redocly integration

Integrations: Redolcy enables you to explore the workflows with different integration techniques such as Apigee, CI/CD tools, GitHub, Private Repos, and many more.

Ratings and Reviews: N/A

Swagger UI vs Redocly

Firstly, Swagger UI is very easy to use with access to various programming languages for your API development. Additionally, it is an open-source API tool that enables many developers to work on their projects very smoothly.

But, on the other hand, the documentation feature of Swagger is limited and also doesn’t provide much support for design validations.

Whereas, Redolcy provides comprehensive API documentation features with advanced integrations and even consultancy services for business growth. Though the pricing list of Redolcy might be high for some developers, for efficient API management reference documentation, Redolcy will be a perfect replacement for Swagger UI.


  • The workflow of Redolcy can handle all your pipelines (API design, editing, documentation, and many more)
  • The customer support of Redolcy is responsive.
  • It provides consultancy services as well.

Cons :

  • The pricing of Redolcy packages is expensive.


Redocly pricing

Try Redocly

Our review of Redocly

In simpler terms, Redolcy is a game-changer when it comes to API documentation and designing. The consultancy services that it provides are top-notch and the developers face no difficulties while solving such API-related issues.


Document360 dashboard

Last but not least, here I am with a documentation platform that will enable you to create, collaborate, and publish different documents suitable for APIs and more. I present to you Document360!

Additionally, Document 360 offers different prospects of analysis and reports where the collaboration team can find out different insights into their API document and make room for improvements.

Additionally, it’s also associated with modern applications like node.js libraries, angular, and many more. That’s why Document360 can also be considered as the Swagger alternative nodejs tool.

About Document360

The list below will show all the necessary information regarding Stoplight:

  • The CEO and founder of Document360 are Saravana Kumar.
  • The head office is located in London, England.
  • Founded in 2017.
  • Comprises a maximum of 200 employees.

Key features

Document360 API

API platform: You can easily access the platform with OpenAPI which also comes with customizable options to read or write articles.

API documentation: Document360 provides 4 easy steps for API documentation which allows the developers or editors to successfully consume the APIs. The detailed process includes uploading the API file, validating it, creating the API documentation, and then syncing it with the server.

Document360 integration

Integrations: There are various integration processes associated with Document360’s platform for smooth documentation. Some of them include Intercom, Segment, Google Analytics, Disqus, HTML, and many more.

Document360 g2 capterra reviews

Ratings and Reviews: G2 (4.7/5, 331 reviews), Capterra (4.7/5, 159 reviews).

Swagger UI vs Document360

Both Swagger UI and Document360 are associated with the API documentation and the main tool is OpenAPI. But Swagger provides an open-source network for the developers to become habituated to the user-friendly interface.

On the other hand, Document360 is a platform specialized only to create or publish documentation, such as APIs. In case of interaction, Swagger UI provides a more interactive web interface with more options for customization.

The pricing list of Document360 is very high which lets the developers choose Swagger UI more. Lastly, the decision will be clearer based on the requirements of your project.


  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • It provides dedicated integrations for documentation.
  • 4 easy steps for API documentation.
  • It allows the developers to easily generate code samples.


  • The subscription packages are expensive.


Document360 pricing

Try Document360

Our review of Document360

According to my observation, I like how user-friendly the interface is and the features are exactly what I’m looking for in terms of documentation. Additionally, the API documentation is also top-notch.

As there’s no automation of API requests, documentation, or any other services, working on Document360 is time-consuming and also the server sometimes lacks communication with other users.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is there something better than Swagger?

Swagger is best known for developing and creating many API management tools. But, for more integration techniques, ease of use, and greater availability of the project’s requirement, here are some better Swagger alternatives:

  • Postman
  • ReadMe
  • Stoplight
  • Redolcy
  • Document360
  • Insomnia
  • API Blueprint

Can Postman replace Swagger?

Yes! Though both Postman and Swagger are excellent choices for API documentation and testing, Postman provides a user-friendly interface and it doesn’t require additional coding knowledge to operate. Hence, I think Postman has the potential to become the perfect model for Swagger alternatives.

Is OpenAPI the same as Swagger?

Yes! Swagger is an open-source API testing tool that is built with the specification of OpenAPI. Eventually, this specific feature enables Swagger to build, design, document, and customize REST APIs.


To wrap up, if you want a tool that can account for mobile, website, and API testing, I will recommend Postman as a perfect tool for Swagger alternatives. Otherwise, if the demand only stays towards API documentation software testing and development, you can give Stoplight and Document360 a try.

Trust me! No matter which tool you choose, you won’t be disappointed!

Rahnuma Tasnim

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