Analysis API in LoadRunner


This API set can be used for the following purposes:
  • Unattended creation of an Analysis session that can then be opened in the HP LoadRunner Analysis.
  • Custom extraction of data from the results of a test run under the HP LoadRunner Controller

An application that creates an Analysis session can be run automatically at completion of a test run. In the LoadRunner Controller, open Tools > Options and select the Execution tab. Enter the command to run your application in the Post Execution Command box.

The API set provides the following functionality:
  • Convert Controller Run results to an Analysis data base file
  • Create, modify, and apply a global filter and Graph filters
  • Set graph parameters
  • Calculate metrics and statistics per Graph in a Run
  • Notifications from the API infrastructure to the API application
  • Logging at different severity levels
  • Ability to run concurrent, independent instances of API-based applications
Limitations: This version of the API set does not support:
  • Graph auto-correlation
  • Graph merging
  • Importing data from external monitors
  • XML export of data
  • Support Level Agreements functionality
  • Use of filters, graphs, and other configurations created in the Analysis user interface
  • J2EE Graphs are only partially supported
Prerequisites: To use this API set, you must:
  • Be a .NET programmer
  • Be familiar with the Controller and Analysis programs
The development environment requires:
  • Visual Studio 2005 or any other compiler that supports .NET 2.0
  • LoadRunner Analysis
The runtime environment requires:
  • LoadRunner Analysis
  • A .NET configuration file. A command-line utility to build the configuration file is provided in the <Analysis installation>\Additional Components\AssemblyCrawler folder.
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