LoadRunner VuGen Environment Options

LoadRunner VuGen Environment Options

In LoadRunner, you can set up your VuGen working environment in order to customize the auto recovery settings, the loadrunner VuGen editor, and the startup preferences. You set these options from the General Options Environment tab.

Auto Recovery: The auto recovery options, allow you to restore your script’s settings in the event of a crash or power outage. To allow auto recovery, select the Save AutoRecover Information check box and specify the time between the saves in minutes.

Editor: You can set the editor options to select a font and enable LoadRunner VuGen’s Intellisense capabilities which automatically fill in words and function syntax.

Auto show function syntax: When you type the opening parenthesis of a function, VuGen shows the syntax of the function with its arguments and prototypes. To enable the showing of the syntax globally, select the check box adjacent to this option. To disable this feature, clear the check box adjacent to the Auto show function syntax option. If you disable Show Function Syntax globally, you can still bring up the syntax by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Space or choosing Edit > Show Function Syntax after typing the opening parenthesis in the editor.

Auto complete word: When you type the first underscore of a function, VuGen opens a list of functions allowing you to choose the exact function without having to manually type in the entire function. To enable word completion globally, select the check box adjacent to this option. To disable this feature, clear the check box adjacent to the Auto complete word option. If you disable this option globally, you can still bring up the function list box by pressing Ctrl+Space or choosing Edit > Complete Word while typing in the editor.

Select Font: To set the editor font, click Select Font. The Font dialog box opens. Select the desired font, style, and size and click OK. Note that only fixed size fonts (Courier, Lucida Console, FixedSys, and so on) are available.

Startup Dialog: The Show Startup Dialog option opens the Startup dialog box when you open VuGen. The Startup dialog has quick links to create a new script, open an existing script, or view a recent script. If you disable this option, VuGen opens with an empty screen.

Default Environment Settings: By default, Show Function Syntax and Auto complete word are enabled globally. Auto Recovery is set to 10 seconds. VuGen opens with the Startup dialog box.

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