Software Testing Bug Report Template

In continuation to my previous post, here in this post, I’m explaining a simple and effective software bug report.

If you are using any Software Testing Management tool or any Bug reporting tool like Bugzilla or Test Director or Bughost or any other online bug tracking tool, then; the tool will automatically generate the bug report. If you are not using any tool, you may refer to the following template for your software bug report:

  • Name of Reporter:
  • Email Id of Reporter:
  • Version or Build: <Version or Build of the product>
  • Module or component: <mention here the name of tested module or component>
  • Platform / Operating System:
  • Type of error: <coding error / design error / suggestion / UI / documentation / text error / hardware error >
  • Priority:
  • Severity:
  • Status:
  • Assigned to:
  • Summary:
  • Description: <mention here the steps to reproduce, expected result and actual result>

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Rahnuma Tasnim

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