Latest QTP Training Material and Tutorials

Latest QTP Training Material and Tutorials

Here are the links of some good QTP tutorials. Beginners can use these tutorials as a training material. Read these and give your feedback for improvement.

  1. Keyword Driven Methodology
  2. Enhancements in QuickTest Professional 10
  3. Object Repository Types in QTP
  4. Testing Business Components using QTP and Quality Center
  5. Running Part of Test Script in QTP
  6. Debugging an Action or a Function in QTP
  7. Handling Run Errors in QTP
  8. Debugging Components and Function Libraries in QTP
  9. Oracle Add-in for QTP
  10. Working with the Java Add-in in QTP
  11. Delphi Add-in in QTP 10
  12. Fine-Tuning the Bitmap Comparison
  13. Jumping to a Step in QuickTest 10.00
  14. Installing Custom Comparer and Registering to QTP
  15. Considerations for Developing Custom Comparers
  16. Developing Bitmap Checkpoint Comparison Algorithm
  17. Comparing Shared Object Repositories
  18. Asset Comparison Tool and Asset Viewer
  19. Resources and Dependencies Model
  20. Test Analysis using QTP 10.00
  21. Manage and Share Testing Assets in Quality Center and QTP 10
  22. Testing ActiveX Controls using QuickTest Professional
  23. HP QuickTest Professional Test Object Schema
  24. Implement Web Add-in Extensibility in QTP
  25. Objects and Actions in QTP
  26. DataTable in QTP
  27. Naming Conventions in QTP
  28. Settings in QTP
  29. QuickTest Tests for Use with LoadRunner or Business Process Monitor
  30. Mercury Performance Testing and Business Availability Center Products
  31. BPT Methodology in QTP and Quality Center
  32. Business Process Testing
  33. QTP, CSTE, ISEB, ISTQB, CSQA Question / Certification Papers
  34. QTP Interview Questions – Part 1
  35. QTP Interview Questions – Part 2
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