Best API Testing Tools

Top 10 API Testing Tools in 2024

Have you ever wondered how social media platforms can update every content you put, or transfer data from one user to another with a single message? The word you are looking for is API (Application Programming Interface).

API testing is a crucial component of software development and quality assurance, ensuring that they operate dependably, securely, and following specifications. The demand for reliable and effective API testing tools has significantly increased because of their frequent use in modern software architecture. The ability to automate, streamline, and improve the testing process for different applications is now a piece of cake for developers due to the presence of these testing tools.

As there are numerous tools in the software market, choosing the right tool for API testing might be tricky and time-consuming. Hence, I’ve narrowed down some of the best API testing tools for you to make reliable decisions according to your project’s requirements.

Quick List of 10 Best API Testing Tools

Here is the top 10 list of the best API performance testing tools:

  • Postman – best automation tool for API development.
  • Sauce Labs – best for mobile, desktop, and website application testing.
  • Katalon Studio – overall best for all kinds of testing.Best for automation of mobile application testing and API.
  • SoapUI – the best open-source tool for API testing.
  • SmartBear – provides the most discrete areas for API testing.
  • Hoppscotch – free tool for API testing and development.
  • Subject7 – best cloud-based platform for codeless automation.
  • Apigee Edge – the best comprehensive tool for API management.
  • Apache JMeter – the best open-source tool for API, website, load, and performance testing.

What Are The API Testing Tools?

API testing tools are a type of framework that specializes in testing the interfaces of software applications. APIs enable inter-system communication between the two software. This allows them to exchange information and carry out operations accordingly.

Furthermore, developers or quality assurance software engineers use these testing tools to verify an application’s usability, dependability, performance, and most importantly, security. With all the features offered by the API performance testing tools, test creation, execution, and management have never been this much easier!

Comparison Chart of API Testing Tools


  Types of application automation testing

  Supported platforms

Programming languages

  Cloud-based structure



  iOS, Andriod

  GUI-based tool for API development


  Website, mobile, desktop, laptop, API

  iOS, Andriod, Windows

  Java, JavaScript, Appium (third-party), Selenium (third-party)



  iOS, Andriod, Windows

  Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, TypeScript


  Website, mobile, API, desktop, laptop

  iOS, Andriod, Windows

  Java, JavaScript, Groovy


  Website, mobile, API

  iOS, Andriod

  Java, Groovy


  Mobile, website

  iOS, Android, Windows

  Almost compatible with every programming language


  API testing

  iOS, Android, Windows

  JavaScript, Java, Python


  API testing

  Compatible with every operating system



  API, website testing

  iOS, Android



  API testing

  iOS, Android

  Almost compatible with every programming language


Review Of Best API Testing Tools

1. Postman

postman dashboard

A popular API development tool called Postman focuses on creating, monitoring, and producing high-quality test results for API testing. With the help of various integration techniques, this tool enables the developer to work in various environments.

Postman also provides team collaboration, enabling a group of developers to share workspaces and resources to complete a software testing task as quickly as possible.

About Postman:

The list below will show all the necessary information regarding Postman:

  • The founder of Postman is Abhinav Asthana.
  • The current CEO is Abhinav Asthana.
  • The head offices are located in San Francisco and Bangalore.
  • Founded in 2012.Comprises a maximum of 1000 employees.

Key Features:

postman api testing

API Testing: Postman offers thorough API testing resources that let developers create automated tests, identify bugs, and fix them as necessary. Additionally, the API tests are compatible with both desktop and mobile applications.

postman api documentation

API Documentation: For easier interpretation, Postman’s user can share their API documents with other developers. There are numerous formats for API documentation, including OpenAPI, RAML, and many more.

postman integrations

Integration Techniques: Postman provides several external tools to increase the effectiveness of testing. Some examples of these tools are GitHub, Slack, JIRA, Dropbox, Datadog, CircleCI, and many others.


  • It features a user-friendly interface.
  • It is one of the most comprehensive API performance testing tools.
  • It allows customization in JavaScript.
  • It offers both free and paid versions of the API test automation framework.


  • JavaScript coding is a bit complex to carry out during the test.


Try Postman

Our Review of Postman

Postman is a reliable tool when it comes to API testing, because of its ease of use, support quality, and set processes. The automation function of this API development tool is also its most appealing feature.

Thanks to Postman’s collaboration feature, sharing workspaces with other developers makes testing tasks easier. Hence, for those who are looking for a comprehensive package, Postman is at your service!

Top Alternatives Of Postman

2. Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is a different cloud-platform application testing tool that offers quick and effective test cases for websites and mobile applications.

Using Sauce Labs has several benefits, including the ability to test applications across a variety of real-world platforms, including mobile, desktop, and multiple browsers. These platforms supported by Saucelabs include Android, Windows, and iOS.

Moreover, Sauce Labs is also capable of running both manual and automation tests, not to mention carrying out API testings as well.

About Sauce Labs

The list below will show all the necessary information regarding Sauce Labs:

  • The founder of Sauce Labs is Jason Huggins.
  • The current CEO is Aled Miles.
  • The head office is located in San Francisco, California, United States.
  • Founded in 2008.
  • Comprises a maximum of 500 employees.

Key Features

sauce labs automation testing

Automation testing: For automation test cases, Sauce Labs offers a variety of opportunities to write code in various third-party platforms like Selenium, Appium, or JavaScript.

sauce labs manual testing

Manual testing: Sauce Labs also provides real-time device testing on laptops, desktops, and cell phones, enabling users to identify issues and resolve them without having any prior knowledge of automation.

sauce labs api testing

API testing: Sauce Labs allows users to perform API testing by making HTTP requests to RESTful APIs. Users can define API endpoints, headers, parameters, and payloads to test the functionality and behavior of the APIs.

sauce labs Integration testing

Integrations: Sauce Labs offers excellent CI tools like Jenkins or Bamboo that let you increase testing productivity and create a better workflow.


  • Sauce Labs is popular among web API testing tools, mobile API, automation, and manual testing tools.
  • It is a cloud-based platform.
  • The website API testing is compatible with multiple browsers.


  • The premium packages are expensive to afford.


sauce labs Ipricing

Try SauceLabs

Our Review of Sauce Labs

In terms of its performance, Saucelabs is one of the best tools for API testing which allows both manual and automation in their test cases. The third-party integrations improve testing efficiency, both in real-time and graphically.

If anyone has a problem, the customer service community is also very helpful. Therefore, what are the best API testing tools? Sauce Labs will take the topmost position in that debate!

Competitors Tot SauceLabs

3. Katalon Studio

Do you wish to have a wholesome package of application testing? Have no fear, Katalon Studio is here! This comprehensive testing package includes testing of desktop, mobile, API, and website applications.

Additionally, Katalon Studio provides other range of testing options, such as functional testing, regression testing, mobile testing, and more. Many software developers in the field of automation testing became familiar with Katalon thanks to these various testing variations.

About Katalon Studio

The list below will show all the necessary information regarding Katalon:

  • The founder of Katalon is Vu Lam.
  • The co-founder of Katalon is Uy Tran.
  • The current CEO is Vu Lam.
  • The head office is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
  • Founded in 2015.Comprises a maximum of 500 employees.

Key Features

katalon studio api testing

API testing: Katalon’s most intriguing feature is its capacity for API testing. Additionally, it supports assertions, allows data-driven testing, and most importantly, it validates API response immediately.

katalon Integration  testing

Integrations: Katalon offers 50 different types of integration tools. Just a few examples include Jira, Selenium, SoapUI, Jenkins, BrowserStack, and many other well-known tools.

Comprehensive testing tool: AS mentioned earlier, Katalon Studio offers comprehensive testing such as desktop, website, and mobile application testing. On desktop and website testing, Katalon is compatible with numerous browsers and also supports different operating systems, which is beneficial for mobile testing.


  • Cloud-based API platform that enables users to work from remote locations.
  • It is suitable for non-technical developers as well.
  • It allows faster integrations with third-party tools.


  • The API tool is unreliable in terms of response to HTTP requests.


Try Katalon Studio

Our Review of Katalon Studio

Though Katalon Studio is termed the most comprehensive tool for all kinds of testing, its API testing feature will need some modifications such as low response time.

On top of that, for those who seek both API and website or mobile testing, Katalon will be a perfect fit for your project.

Top Competitors Katalon

4. Testsigma


Despite being a newcomer to the application testing industry, Testsigma has already attracted a large number of developers since its launch. The system as a whole is powered by machine learning, enabling users to efficiently carry out the website, and API testing.

One benefit of using Testsigma is that developers can run automaton tests without having any programming experience. This makes it simple for non-technical users to create an interface and run each test for their applications.

About Testsigma

The list below will show all the necessary information regarding Testsigma:

  • The founder and CEO of Testsigma is Rukmangada Kandyala.
  • The head offices are located in California, USA, and Bangalore, India.
  • Founded in 2018.
  • Comprises a maximum of 200 employees.

Key features

testsigma automation

Test automation: As I have already mentioned, Testsigma doesn’t require any prior knowledge of programming languages. As a result, setting up a test frame is simple. Having said that, this tool supports numerous testing environments, including desktop, mobile, APIs, and website applications.

testsigma automation

API testing: Testsigma provides comprehensive support for testing RESTful APIs, data-driven testing, and many more. It allows users to create API test cases by defining API requests, headers, parameters, and expected responses.

testsigma integration testing

Integration techniques: Testsigma also supports some third-party technologies for integration techniques, including JIRA, Selenium, Circle CI, Azure DevOps, Bamboo, TravisCI, Codeship CI, Amazon, and Jenkins.


  • It provides a user-friendly interface.
  • This tool is functional for all classes of developers.
  • It offers APi testing such as chain API, data-driven, GUI based, and many more.


  • The premium packages offered by Testsigma are extremely expensive.


testsigma pricing

Try Testsigma

Our Review of Testsigma

Since Testsigma doesn’t need special coding knowledge to implement the test cases, it quickly became popular among many developers. The streak continues because of its user-friendly interface.

There is one drawback! Despite their excellent customer service, the test cases occasionally take longer to implement.  The subscription plans are also expensive for everyone to afford.

5. SoapUI

SoapUI supports data-driven tests in addition to API testing, allowing developers to enter various data sets and have the API testing produce results following those inputs. This makes room for further development while also assisting the developers in identifying various bugs that may exist within the application.

The fact that SoapUI is among the open-source API testing tools, it is advantageous for both technical and non-technical developers to quickly become accustomed to the interface and carry out their project requirements accordingly.

soapui dashboard

About SoapUI

The list below will show all the necessary information regarding SoapUI:

  • The owner of SoapUI is Smartbear Software, originally founded by Eviware Software.
  • The current CEO is Frank Roe.
  • The head office is located in Massachusetts, United States.
  • Founded in 2005.
  • Comprises a maximum of 30 employees.

Key features

soapui api testing

API testing: Advanced test cases for SoapUI also include complex API tests, data-driven tests, scripting, and many others. These various test cases can be easily scripted by the developers, who can then simulate them to lay out the debugs.

soapui automation testing

Automation: The user of SoapUI can automate certain tasks to save time and effort. To speed up automation even more, it also uses continuous integration and API automation techniques.

soapui integration

Integrations: SoapUI supports many third-party tools like JIRA, Jenkins, and Git to ensure faster access and greater testing efficiency. Additionally, it supports a variety of API formats, including WSDL, Swagger, and RAML.


  • It is reliable among the API automation testing tools.
  • The user-friendly interface makes it easy to perform all the test works very efficiently.
  • It is an open-source tool for various types of testing.


  • The simulations of the test runs take a longer time to produce results.


soapui pricing

Try SoapUI

Our Review of SoapUI

SoapUI is an open-source tool that enables non-technical users to learn about its functionality and create many test cases. The interface is very easy to use for technical users.

The graphical interface also provides a cool view of the test results and is very helpful for analysis. However, there is a significant lacking in community support and additionally, the simulations produce many unwanted bugs.

Alternatives to SoapUI

6. SmartBear

smartbear dashboard

Apart from API testing, Smartbear is a software company that offers a variety of testing services such as cross-browser testing, website, mobile application, regression, and load testing.

The website and mobile application are testing is done by Test Complete, which is included in Smartbear. Also, the test frames provide bulks of customization features with the use of various programming languages.

About SmartBear

The following list below will show all the necessary information regarding Smartbear:

  • The founder of Smart Bear is Jason Cohen.
  • The current CEO is Frank Roe.
  • The head office is located in Somerville, Massachusetts, United States.
  • Founded in 2009.
  • Comprises of maximum 1000 employees.

Key features

smartbear automation testing

Automation: Powerful tools like Test Complete, BugSnag, and Load Ninja are available through Smartbear’s automation feature to run tests like regression and load testing for various mobile and website applications.

smartbear cross browser testing

Cross-browser testing: Smartbear offers cross-browser testing, which enables developers to check an application’s compatibility with various operating systems and browsers.

smartbear api testing

API and visual testing: A comprehensive tool that combines both API and visual testing enables you to simulate accurate results for the tested applications and fit them appropriately.

smartbear integration testing

Integrations: To increase testing efficiency, there are various third-party tools for carrying out integrations. Some of them include VisualStudio, Jenkins, Travis, CI, and many more.


  • It offers different areas of testing including API for the tested applications.
  • The cross-browser testing feature has a cloud-based platform.
  • The interface is user-friendly.


  • The premium packages are expensive.


smartbear pricing

Try SmartBear

Our Review of SmartBear

Smartbear is useful in terms of automation testing. This framework’s full test tool finds every bug in an application without lagging during the simulation. Additionally, the API development feature helps to generate more accurate results for the tested application.

Despite producing accurate results, Smartbear’s simulation may take longer than usual, which is a problem that needs to be fixed right away. Furthermore, the developers should think twice about the high subscription prices of each package.

7. Hoppscotch

hoppscotch dashboard

Some developers might consider API testing tools free with customization features. Well, Hoppscotch is an open-source network capable of API development and testing.

Developers can easily send HTTP requests for testing the APIs. It offers a range of features that simplify the process of interacting with APIs and enables developers to create, customize, and send requests to API endpoints.

About Hoppscotch

The following list below will show all the necessary information regarding Smartbear:

  • The founder and CEO of Hoppscotch is Liyas Thomas.
  • The head office is located in Kerala, India.
  • Founded in 2019.
  • Comprises a maximum of 50 employees.

Key Features

Intuitive user interface: Hoppscotch has a simple, well-organized interface that makes working with APIs simple. Because of the tool’s user-friendly design, developers can quickly understand its customization features and use it accordingly.

hoppscotch api

API response: Hoppscotch offers a simple and organized view of API responses, making it simple to examine and verify the data the API returns. The response visualization features well-formatted JSON or XML responses, syntax highlighting, and collapsible sections.

hoppscotch Integration

Integrations: Hoppscotch offers various integration tools such as Browser extension, GitHub, Swagger, OpenAPI, DevTools, and many more.


  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • It offers responsive API development.
  • It generates codes in various programming languages.


  • As it is a full open-source tool, the level of security is not reliable for highly classified projects.


hoppscotch pricing

Try Hoppscotch

Our Review of Hoppscotch

There are many open-source API testing tools in the market, but none will provide the same level of testing results and a better working environment than Hoppscotch.

It also includes advanced integration features so that your test frames can run more smoothly. Though it has a significant level of security concern, for small projects, I’d say Hoppscotch will be more than perfect.

8. Subject7

Subject7 dashboard

Users can create and run automated tests using Subject7’s cloud-based codeless test automation platform without having to write any code or scripts.

By offering a visual interface that enables users to design and configure tests using drag-and-drop operations and pre-built components, it seeks to streamline the process of test automation.

About Subject7

The following list below will show all the necessary information regarding Subject7:

  • The founder and CEO of Subject7 are Payam Fard.
  • The head office is located in McLean, VA, United States.
  • Founded in 2011.
  • Comprises a maximum of 50 employees.

Key features

Visual test design: Subject7 offers a graphical environment for visual test design, allowing users to design and set up automated tests for the APIs, website, and mobile application testing. By simply dragging and dropping elements and setting their properties, users can define test steps, conditions, assertions, and data inputs.

Pre-built libraries: To help users create their automated tests, Subject7 provides a library of pre-built components and actions. These components are capable of a wide range of tasks, including interacting with web elements, calling APIs, using databases, and more.

Subject7 integration

Integrations: Subject7 offers CI tools, Jira, and Jenkins for the integration techniques which improve both the results and performance of the tested application.


  • It offers codeless automation.
  • The test scripts are reusable for other applications.
  • It includes cross-browser testing.


  • Being a cloud-based platform raises serious security concerns.


Subject7 pricing

Try Subject7

Our Review of Subject7

Subject7 is specialized in website, mobile, and API testing with the feature of codeless automation techniques. This will help many non-technical developers to perform application testing based on their projects.

But, because of the codeless interface, this tool might not be able to perform many advanced test features which will be a prime requirement of large software development projects. Therefore, choose wisely based on your project’s requirements.

9. Apigee Edge

apigee edge dashboard

Here we have another full-featured API platform that helps software development organizations build, scale, secure and develop APIs. While talking about the best API testing tools, Apigee has gained quite a reputation and earned its place in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for a full API management system 4 years in a row.

Apigee simplifies the APIs in such a way that it allows both technical and non-technical developers to enhance all the data and services of the businesses.

About Apigee Edge

The following list below will show all the necessary information regarding Apigee Edge:

  • The founder and CEO of Apigee Edge are Raj Singh.
  • Comprises a maximum of 500 employees.

Key features

API management: Apigee offers a comprehensive set of tools to monitor the entire function of the API. This includes developing and designing APIs, setting up developer portals, and setting different strategies for testing APIs, not to mention, tracking their performance.

apigee edge analytics

Analytics and reports: On metrics like traffic, response times, errors, and developer engagement, Apigee offers in-depth analytics and reports. Organizations can improve their APIs and make data-driven decisions with the aid of these insights.

Integrations: Some of the best tools for API testing like Apigee offers some of the most reliable third-party tools for integrations. These include Amazon web services for cloud-based platforms, and developer tools such as Eclipse, Maven, and Virtual studio code.


  • It is a full-set API management tool for both technical and non-technical developers.
  • Unlike other API performance testing tools, it offers robust security in its data.
  • The test scripts are managed in JavaScript, the most customized programming language ever.


  • It requires a lot of technical expertise to manage and set up the Apigee platform.


apigee edge price

Try Apigee Edge

Our Review of Apigee Edge

This tool is made for mobile-driven, data-rich APIs and apps that power digital businesses. The users can have complete flexibility in managing their APIs across all versions of this tool. The most recent version has been improved to continuously fix all the bugs and provide constant security upgrades. Overall, it has a lot of features and is a popular tool for developers like us.

10. Apache JMeter

Jmeter dashboard

For those who are experts in JavaScript, Apache JMeter provides a user-friendly interface to initiate performance, website, and load testing. Additionally, you can also use JMeter to perform functional API testing.

Furthermore, JMeter is an open-source tool that makes it easy for developers to roam around the tool and become habituated with each of its features.

About Apache JMeter

The following list below will show all the necessary information regarding Apache JMeter:

Key features

jmeter load testing

Load testing: To evaluate your application’s performance under various user scenarios, JMeter enables you to simulate heavy loads on your application. To help you find performance limits and estimate system capacity, it can create a large number of virtual users to send requests to the target system.

jmeter api protocols

API protocols: The API technology of Apache JMeter supports various protocols. Some of them include HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, REST, JDBC, FTP, JMS, LDAP, TCP, and others. You can use it to test a variety of backend systems, web services, and applications.

jmeter integrations

Integrations: JMeter supports a continuous integration process to increase the efficiency of the load and API testing. Furthermore, third-party tools include Jenkins, JIRA, Selenium, and many more.


  • It is an open-source API testing tool.
  • It supports versatile testing such as load, website, API, and many more.
  • It is equipped with both static and dynamic performance testing.


  • The JavaScript language might seem complicated for some developers.


jmeter pricing

Try JMeter

Our Review of Apache JMeter

I can’t find any other open-source tool that also specializes in performance, load, and also website application testing. The JavaScript language is also beneficial for advanced customization of the test frames. But, at the same time, it has a steep learning curve.

Therefore, unless you are an expert in JavaScript, I’d recommend not going for Apache JMeter.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1. What tool is used for API testing?

There are many tools available in the market that you can rely on for your API testing. However, the best tools for API testing depend on CI integrations, the ability to provide a user-friendly working interface, and support the majority of HTTP requests. Based on these requirements, here is a simplified list:

  • Postman
  • Katalon Studio
  • Sauce Labs
  • Testsigma
  • SoapUI

2. How can I do API testing?

Here are some beginner-level tips for someone who needs to perform API testing:

  • Sync your API requirements with the preferred testing tool.
  • Highlight the output of your API testing.
  • Figure out the API endpoints.
  • Perform continuous integrations for more accuracy.
  • Fix any bugs on your APIs.
  • Verify the full testing process.

3. What is the Postman API tool?

Postman is known as one of the most popular API automation testing tools with its user-friendly interface for creating, sending, or managing API requests. Furthermore, it also sends HTTP requests and receives responses for more authentication of the API testing.

4. What is JMeter API testing?

JMeter API testing is another process that you can use to test the performance and functionality of your APIs. It is primarily known as Apache JMeter and is famous among open-source API testing tools. Though JMeter is specially used for load testing, it can also feature reliable API testing.


In summary, the best API testing tools are essential for ensuring the dependability and quality of APIs. They give programmers and testers the tools they need to thoroughly test API security, performance, and functionality.

There are numerous API testing tools available on the market, each with a unique set of features and abilities. These tools give users the ability to plan and carry out tests, simulate various API scenarios, validate responses, and produce in-depth reports.

For those who tend to focus solely on API development and the management sector, Apigee Edge and Postman will be a perfect picks. Whereas, Apache JMeter and Soap UI will provide you with the best open-source services any developer can get.

Nonetheless, the choice of API testing tools will depend upon your project’s requirements and your level of expertise in that specific tool. My suggestion will be to perform intensive research before making a decision.

Rahnuma Tasnim

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